Using Video in Your Online Business

This is the final blog post in the series The 7 Tools You Need to Get Launched Online. You can find the rest of the tools here. Video is the way of the world right now in online business. Luckily, it’s easier than ever...
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Online Shopping Carts and Payment Processors Explained

How's that for a sexy title?

Shopping carts and payment processors… they aren’t just for brick and mortar stores!  If you’re new to launching, let me explain how they are different, and how they work together.  A shopping cart is how your customers view your products and confirm their purchase....
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Online Business: Reaching Your Goal…

And the Allure of Giving Up

I tried to get a better screen grab for my image, but it was just one of those videos, ya know?   Dreams and goals are heavy stuff, man. Dreams are what push us to move forward. To work harder, to do things we...
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When Achieving Your Dream Sucks

Don't throw in the towel!

Achieving your dream is rarely sunshine and rainbows. Dreams are amazing and cool and life-changing. But they are also messy and hard and frustrating. I know this because next week will mark the culmination of a dream over 5 years in the making. And...
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