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Why is Building an Online Business so Hard?

If you’ve ever traveled in the southeastern United States, you can’t miss the crazy marketing campaign for an 80 year old landmark. Signs, barn roofs and even mailboxes order you to See Rock City! A few months back, I finally succumbed to the marketing...
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Launching a Business Online

What does it all mean, anyway?

It’s quite the buzzword these days, launching. People talk about launching this or launching that and they’re not talking about rockets. Well SpaceX is, but no one else. You can launch a website or launch a book or launch a product, but what does...
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Moving Your Successful Business Online

What to Consider When Emailing Your Customers

Our list of 900 is now down to 50! What happened? It feels like a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. Your beloved clients, the ones you’d move heaven and earth for, the ones you’ve worked to nurture and spoil over the...
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Building Your List: Know the Rules

It's not a matter of just collecting email addresses

We’re blacklisted at the IP level. Our whole business is online and I can’t send an email. To anyone. How on earth are we going to fix this? Lists. For an online business, a list represents everything important about the health of the business....
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Using Video in Your Online Business

This is the final blog post in the series The 7 Tools You Need to Get Launched Online. You can find the rest of the tools here. Video is the way of the world right now in online business. Luckily, it’s easier than ever...
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Online Shopping Carts and Payment Processors Explained

How's that for a sexy title?

Shopping carts and payment processors… they aren’t just for brick and mortar stores!  If you’re new to launching, let me explain how they are different, and how they work together.  A shopping cart is how your customers view your products and confirm their purchase....
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