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Biggest Tech Challenges

What are your biggest launch tech challenges?

I am VERY close to finishing my Launch Tech Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Course to Get Your Launch Off the Ground.

I have literally been working on this for months and am finally calling it ready. It will be released it in just a few days.

This course will be entirely focused on teaching you how to complete the tech steps required for an online launch. It’s not an overview, not theoretical. It’s a roll up your sleeves and get it done course.

There are five live modules, weekly office hour calls, launch timeline and template bonuses and even a few surprises. It’s everything I’ve learned about the tech steps required to successfully launch a business online.

I’ll cover everything from setting up your opt-in forms and landing pages to understanding Facebook pixels and Google analytics.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I put the finishing touches on everything, I want to make sure nothing was missed.

This is where you come in, would you please take a few quick minutes and answer this super short survey:

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