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Starting a Team Begins with Just One Hire

Online Business Can Be Confusing

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by Tracie in Building a Team
Building Your Team with One Person

A few times a week, a potential client contacts me and tells me he needs help. He’s overwhelmed, can’t keep up and doesn’t know where to start when it comes to finding help that will actually benefit his business rather than become another project needing his attention. He wants to hire me to “just take care of things for him.” 

This is ironic to me. While I am deeply flattered that I have people who really believe that I can “just take care of things for them,” the reality is, I don’t even “just take care of things” for myself. I have help. I have a team.

The Myth of “Team”

When I ask if he’s ready to start building a team, uncertainty sets in. There is something about the word “team” that, honestly, freaks people out. Team sounds big, team sounds formal. The truth of the matter is, teams often consist of just two people. In fact the definition of team (as far as I’m concerned) is: Two or more people working together to achieve a common goal.

As I ask the business owner probing questions, most of the time what I uncover is that the reason he’s freaked out about the idea of a team is because he’s not sure if he can take on the responsibility of paying for another person in the business, or where he will find the time to give them the direction they need.

But here’s the thing, when you build a team, you start small and by finding someone to do something you either can’t, don’t want to, or shouldn’t be doing yourself.

Who Should You Hire First?

Every entrepreneur needs to build their team differently.  Maybe you’re like me and you start with a video editor simply because you literally need someone to edit your videos for you. Could I have learned to do it myself? Probably, but why would I when I can hire someone else who is a pro, has the programs he needs, charges me $15/hour and gets it done in a fraction of the time?

Maybe you have a teenager at home who loves video editing, but you can’t draw a stick person. You probably need a graphic designer. Or maybe it’s a social media manager. Every business is different. 

The reality is, no man is an island. No one has enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks required of an online business owner. You are no exception. You need to decide: what type of person do you need to hire first? Who will be the first member of your team?

Let me know: What is holding you back from hiring your first team member?

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Online Business Can Be Confusing

Don't know where to start?

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