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The Keys to Creating a Valuable Lead Magnet

Free Offer, Freebie, Freemium... what's yours called?

No one is going to sign up for your newsletter. If you have a little box on the front page of your website that says, “Sign up to get my free newsletter” and it’s not really doing much for you, you’re about to learn...
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Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages: What They Are

& Why They're Important!

Landing pages, also called squeeze pages, are one of the most misunderstood pieces of the online marketing process. Too often a landing page is simply tossed together to promote or sell a marketer’s latest product or freebie. But landing pages have a very specific...
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How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Hint: It probably has nothing to do with your email service...

If I’m ever looking for a hot topic for discussion, How to Increase Email Open Rates and Engagement doesn’t disappoint. Deliverability rates, click thru rates, email open rates. What’s important, what isn’t and how to improve the scores that matter the most. Email is...
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Perfection is the Enemy

of Progress

There’s just something about entrepreneurs. There’s something that makes us believe, at least when first starting out, that everything we do has to be perfect. In some cases, perfection can be a way to stall. If we’re worried about how our website looks, the...
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5 Myths About Your Website

Ask an online marketer where they spent the most time and money their first year in business and you’re likely to hear it was on their website. Talk to an online entrepreneur the first six months they are building their business and when you ask...
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Creating an Online Business

Are you proving your i>naysayers right?

Look, we all have people who want to seem well-intentioned, but just keep asking (in their own way) when we’ll get a real job! Maybe they say, “Soooo…. how’s it going creating that online business you keep talking about?” Today I’m going to address...
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Why is Building an Online Business so Hard?

If you’ve ever traveled in the southeastern United States, you can’t miss the crazy marketing campaign for an 80 year old landmark. Signs, barn roofs and even mailboxes order you to See Rock City! A few months back, I finally succumbed to the marketing...
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Launching a Business Online

What does it all mean, anyway?

It’s quite the buzzword these days, launching. People talk about launching this or launching that and they’re not talking about rockets. Well SpaceX is, but no one else. You can launch a website or launch a book or launch a product, but what does...
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