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How Long Have You Been Just About to Launch?

Part Two

 A few days ago, I explained the reasons most people don’t launch. But here’s the one I didn’t address:  Avoiding the Technology Landing pages, opt-in forms, autoresponder sequences, embedding videos, double versus single opt in, confirmation pages, abandoned cart emails… there’s a lot to...
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6 Most Common Launch Mistakes

Learn from other people's missteps!

Launching products or services online is pretty popular right now. It seems easy enough, right? Create the product, put it on your site and wait for the money to start rolling in. If only it were that simple. Done properly, launches have some very...
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The Perils of Hiring a Launch Manager

Who you need to hire instead...

Launching a new online product is exhilarating. Watching sales come in, pivoting and changing strategy to match the market, answering questions, holding Facebook Live sessions… There’s no doubt a successful online launch is a living and breathing organism that needs watching, tending and care.  What...
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Launch Tech is My Appendectomy: What’s Yours?

What is easy to you, but impossible for someone else?

Have you ever looked watched someone else do something that seems impossible and thought, “I could never do that! How is that even possible?” Maybe you feel that way with your launch tech. I had one of those moments this week. And it all had...
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Starting An Online Business?

Don't Worry About Your Website

A few years ago, my husband and were starting an online business. We pulled out all of the stops, including a spiffy website that was almost guaranteed to convert all traffic to paying customers. It was a thing of beauty. I’m serious. I loved...
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The Shortcut to Starting an Online Business

Starting a brand new online business can be so exciting! If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you’ve got a great idea you can’t wait to launch because it’s going to help thousands of people. You know you need three things to start: an email...
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