Breathe a Sigh of Relief...
All of the Pieces of Your Online Business are Finally Set Up and Working Perfectly...

If you're sick of trying to figure out email, landing pages and checkout options and just want to start earning money, join me January 12 & 13 for a two-day virtual workshop where you'll get all of your tools set up and working for you

How good would it feel to wake up January 14 and know you don't have to stare at a computer screen all day struggling to figure out those pieces of tech that make you so frustrated? How would you like to get your life back and start focusing on the parts of your business you love?

Let's face it. You're in a chicken and egg situation. You need to get your online tools set up so you can start making money online, but that part of the whole online business thing can be so frustrating! You'd love to hire someone to do it for you, but help is very expensive and until the money starts coming in, you can't afford to hire the help you need.

I'm here to help with a live, two-day GET IT DONE! workshop. Whether stopped in your tracks because you don't understand a tech step in your sales funnel or just need dedicated time to get your work done, this workshop will finally get your online business set up and working.

I'll be right there with you live -  showing you the steps you need to take to get your business set up and then standing by while you try it yourself. If you have questions, I'll answer them for you. It's like renting a virtual assistant for two days, just the amount of time you need to start making money.

Simple. Straightforward. Done.

Join me!


    The GET IT DONE! Implementation Workshop is exactly what you need to propel your business forward in 2018 and start adding perfect clients to your list.

    “No tech issue is unsolvable! Tracie's far-reaching command of all-things-tech makes sure every issue is addressed - and she shows you how to do it right then - Immense value!”

    - Kathleen Scherek

    A Course for All Skill Levels

    Whether you are brand new to setting up email or are a pro at tech but new at the process of launching, this course is for you. I'll be starting with the basics: explaining the various sales funnel and launch technology terms and processes. We'll build from there.

    A Course to GET IT DONE!

    Enough talk about launching. It's time to get past the roadblocks and get it done. With this live class you'll get the help you need to go from launch theory to launch completion. From understanding to integrating, ideas to implementation, we'll get you sorted out and on your way.

    A Word From Tracie

    “My first launch took me a year to figure out. Landing Pages, Opt-In Forms, Email Autoresponders, it was all Greek to me. If it's Greek to you too, let me be your translator. This isn't a theory class. We're going to work together to get you selling online.”

    Join me!