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Launching an Online Course?

This is the Checklist You've Been Looking For!

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It was really great to have participated in Launch Tech Blueprint  as it covers a lot of information in very concise bite size chunks which are easy to follow. The best part was having a platform where you could interact directly with Tracie and other participants. I highly recommend Tracie’s course for anyone looking to work online as Tracie obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. Thank you Tracie!


Sanelisiwe Emma Mlilo, virtual assistant

When I started working with Tracie, I had my trepidations: First, because I’m technically challenged and second because in  courses I’d taken in the past the instructors gave a sense of impatience or inward eye-rolling with my lack of knowledge.  And that makes trying to learn really, really uncomfortable.  Not once, not once, did I ever feel uncomfortable with Tracie.  I never, ever received any inkling of impatience, just pure support every step of the way.  The support Tracie gave meant everything to me.

Lani Yamasaki, Yamasaki Communications and Design

Every single thing Tracie works on with us makes our life easier. She has a knack for step-by-step organization and focus, whether it’s laying foundation for list building and launching, or sourcing others to help when needed. In six months she’s helped us build a small team and put us well on the way to the tremendous success we’ve always known was waiting for us!

Lorrie MacGilvray, ReModelYourHabits.com