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Online Launch

a Smooth Ride

online launch

A online business is like a puzzle…

With hundreds of moving pieces.

With dozens of main elements and hundreds of small pieces, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. And it’s easy to lose track of all the little tech details; but those details are often essential for the success of your launch.

Even if you’ve spent a fortune on courses teaching you how to set up the software, you know exactly what you’re selling and who your ideal customer avatar is – the tech can keep you stuck. You just want to get it over with and LAUNCH!

You have too much to offer to the world to let a few tech challenges get in your way.

I’ll help you assemble the pieces.


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I’m Tracie Winge Shroyer. As a launch tech expert, I help online entrepreneurs build their email list, set up sales funnels, and launch online courses and memberships. 

I was a featured speaker at Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula) events, have trained dozens of virtual assistants to support online launches, and I’ve helped countless online entrepreneurs gain clarity and set up their business’ backend.

Working with me means… 


I’ll help you find out what tech and tools, integrations and automations your business needs – and how they all fit and work together.

Get it Done

My zone of genius: making sure all the pieces are in the right place, so you can focus on your area of expertise.


I’ll be by your side to answer questions, guide you through the process and help you make the big decisions.

“Tracie is a walking encyclopedia of launch strategy, tools and tech – she makes it all so easy and straightforward.”


Sandrine C

“Launch Tech Blueprint covers a lot of information in very concise bite-size chunks which are easy to follow. The best part was having a platform where you could interact directly with Tracie and other participants. Thank you Tracie!”


Sanelisiwe M – Virtual Assistant

“Working with Tracie was amazing. As soon as we started working together, she put together a comprehensive timeline, and shared with me incredible tools I’m still using.”


Jill Sherer Murray – Author & Founder of Let Go For It®

“Just pure support every step of the way. The support Tracie gave meant everything to me.”


Lani Y -Yamasaki Communications and Design

The 3 steps to a successful online launch


Grow your email list

You can’t launch without an audience! 

Build a following of email subscribers who get to know you and love you – and will ultimately buy from you. 

Not sure how to get started? Download the roadmap! 


Plan (your launch)

Emails, social media, videos, website, pre-launch content, surveys, payment processing,…

There are so many little bits to keep in mind when you launch.

My checklist will help you make sure they’re all in place!


Get it Done

Need help setting it all up?

I will put together the pieces you need to build a list and work towards your launch.

You not only get a working lead funnel, but you also get access to videos showing you (step-by-step) exactly what I did so you, or your team members, can recreate the steps.

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Let’s get to work

Launch Tech

If you’re about to launch an online program, you shouldn’t spend your time trying to figure out the tech. 

I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs to launch using the Product Launch Formula, and can set up all automations and integrations so the backend runs on autopilot – and you can concentrate on your launch. 

Tech Support

Did your automations or integrations break? 

Not sure where all the bits and pieces belong? 

Nothing worse than getting stuck with the tech! 

Let’s hop on a Zoom call so I can find out where the issue is – and help you fix it right away. 

Sales Funnels

I work with ActiveCampaign (email service provider), LeadPages (landing page service), WordPress and other tech. 

I’ll help you set up complete lead generation and/or sales funnels, with all integrations and automations ready to go.

If that’s what you need, let’s find out how we can work together!

Not quite ready to reach out yet? I’ve got your back!


Grab my tech roadmap – and sign up for my biweekly emails where I share tips and tricks for growing your list, simplifying your tech, and keep your business moving forward.