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You’re all ready to launch. Or are you?

An online launch is a puzzle with hundreds of moving pieces.

Some people will have you believe that launching is simple – and it can be… but for most people it’s not.
Not everyone can (or should) follow the one-size-fits-all plans you can find online; maybe your audience is different, your products are not like the others, or you’re having a hard time setting up the backend.

With dozens of main elements and hundreds of small pieces it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed.
And it’s easy to lose track of the little details; but those details are often essential for the success of your launch.

You’ve spent a fortune on courses teaching you how to launch, you know exactly what you’re launching, you know exactly what you want to sell and to whom – but you’re stuck. And you just want to get it over with and LAUNCH!

You have too much to offer the world to let a few tech challenges get in your way.


What You’ll Get Working with Me:

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Clarity on what tech and tools your launch needs – and how to make them all work together
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A custom plan and timeline you can follow to make your launch successful
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Someone by your side to answer your questions and help you make the big decisions

Together, we’ll make it happen.

Step One: Deep Dive

We’ll go through the details of your launch timeline elements, tech and more. We’ll talk about what your audience needs – and what you want to offer them.

Step Two: Strategy

Step Two: Strategy

Together, we’ll create a custom launch strategy that fits your brand, choose the tech and tools your launch needs, and make a plan so you know exactly what to do next.

Step 3: Implementation

I’ll give you all the tools and tutorials you need to do it all yourself… or if you’d rather, I’ll stay by your side and help you implement the plan.


“Tracie is a walking encyclopedia of launch strategy, tools and tech – she makes it all so easy and straightforward”

– Sandrine C.

Why work with me?

I’m Tracie, and I have over 5 years experience as a launch tech and strategy expert. I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs gain clarity so they could launch their online course, membership, or other business project.

I’ve been a featured speaker at Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula) events, have conducted numerous online trainings on the various aspects of launching online and am responsible for the education of over 20 VAs in Africa who support the online launches of their clients. My real zone of genius, however, is planning your launch – so you can focus on your area of expertise.



Inspiration from Online Business Owners Just Like You…

It was really great to have participated in Launch Tech Blueprint as it covers a lot of information in very concise bite size chunks which are easy to follow. The best part was having a platform where you could interact directly with Tracie and other participants. I highly recommend Tracie’s course for anyone looking to work online as Tracie obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. Thank you Tracie!

Sanelisiwe Emma Mlilo, virtual assistant

When I started working with Tracie, I had my trepidations: First, because I’m technically challenged and second because in courses I’d taken in the past the instructors gave a sense of impatience or inward eye-rolling with my lack of knowledge. And that makes trying to learn really, really uncomfortable. Not once, not once, did I ever feel uncomfortable with Tracie. I never, ever received any inkling of impatience, just pure support every step of the way. The support Tracie gave meant everything to me.

Lani Yamasaki, Yamasaki Communications and Design

Working with Tracie was amazing. As soon as we started working together, she put together a comprehensive timeline, and shared with me incredible tools I’m still using. She taught me how to get from that stuck place in a launch straight through to completion. She’s like your best expert, your therapist and your good girlfriend, all wrapped up into one.

Jill Sherer Murray, TEDx speaker, author, blogger, coach, and founder of Let Go For It®
are you ready to launch?

Are you ready to launch?

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