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Online launches are like puzzles… they have hundreds of moving pieces.

Let’s get yours snapped into place.

With the all of the elements that go into an online launch, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

Whether you’re working on big things like launch strategy, timelines and automations or the little things like integrations, tagging and survey responses,  it’s easy to lose track of  the details; even though those details are often essential for the success of your launch.

Don’t get me wrong. Launching is amazing: I believe it’s the best way to grow your business and get your offer out to the people who need it the most. 

So let’s get your launch done!

Hi, I’m Tracie…


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and I’m here to help you share your talents with the world.



Because we all have gifts and talents that need to be shared and I truly believe a formula or process shouldn’t get in the way of you fulfilling your dreams…. Whatever they may be.

I use my experience from helping other online entrepreneurs just like you cross the finish line on their own successful launches. 

I’ve helped countless online entrepreneurs gain clarity and set up their business’ backend.

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Ways I Can Help You

Launch Planning

You know you want to launch, you’re just not sure how to analyze what you have and what your ideas are and turn them into a launch plan.

You’d love someone who knows and understands launching to talk strategy and to be a second set of eyes for the things you have planned (and to help you discover new ideas or things you might have missed).

Launch Coordination

More than just a plan, you want someone to come on board to manage your team during your launch. You want to focus on the parts of your launch you’re great at while someone else handles the details and executes the plan.

Let me work with you and your team members to coordinate your launch and make sure everyone is moving in the same direction and at the pace required to complete your launch on time. 

Launch Audit

You understand the marketing, the launch process and even what your pre-launch content will be… It’s the tech that has you stuck.

I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs launch using Product Launch Formula, Digital Course Academy and other popular online systems. I know what to look for in your current tech set up to see if you’re set up properly. I’ll identify areas of concern or things you need to consider before you launch.

“Tracie is a walking encyclopedia of launch strategy, tools and tech – she makes it all so easy and straightforward.”


Sandrine C

“I am not a rocket scientist. I am an astronaut. That’s why I have Tracie. She’s my rocket scientist – my mission control. She makes sure everything “on the ground” is handled so I can just get into my space capsule and go into orbit. 


Dr. Thomas Garcia
Shamanic Teacher, Coach & Guide
Reclaim The Sacred



“Working with Tracie was amazing. As soon as we started working together, she put together a comprehensive timeline, and shared with me incredible tools I’m still using.”


Jill Sherer Murray – Author & Founder of Let Go For It®

“Just pure support every step of the way. The support Tracie gave meant everything to me.”


Lani Y -Yamasaki Communications and Design

You’re more than just a formula…

You’re an amazing online business owner whose skills and talents don’t fit into a formulaic box. I help people just like you take your unique expertise and launch it to the people who need it most.

You’ve spent unbelievable amounts of time & money on books and programs explaining what a launch is and how to do one, but somehow it’s just not happening for you.

I get it. I mean formulas and theories are all well and good, but they just don’t seem to fit the way you think – the way your business works. 

You just wish there was someone who could explain it all to you – to interpret it for your unique business. To take you by the hand and lead you through the process step-by-step.

You’ll want to work with me if…

You have clarity

You are 100% clear on your avatar – who you want to work with, what their problems are, and how you want to help them. In fact, you are probably already working with clients you adore – you just need to understand how to use a launch to reach more people.

You’re a self starter

You’re a go-getter who normally knows exactly what to do to move yourself forward, but this launch thing is a little tougher than you expected. You just need help putting the pieces in place and understanding how to make them work for your unique business.

You’d love a little support

Even people who get things done need a little help. You’d love someone who can see what you need and give you clarity so you can keep progressing forward. You’d love to be able to get feedback from a launch expert who knows and understands your business so that you can trust the answers you get.

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