5-Day No Site, No Problem Challenge

5-day Challenge: No Site? No Problem!

Keep it Simple: Turn Your Idea into Your Very Own Wordpress Site in 5 Days So That You Can Start Building a List of People Who Love to Hear from You

Including: which website bells and whistles are a necessity and which you don't need. 


During This Challenge You Will:

Select & Purchase Your Site Name : Don't know if your domain is available? We'll teach you how to search so no one knows you're looking!

Set up a Self Hosted Wordpress Site: Always been nervous by the idea of the idea of a self-hosted Wordpress site? It's so much easier than you've been led to believe.

Install the Plug ins (Bells & Whistles) You Need to Build a Presence Online: We'll show you just the cool tools you need and nothing more than that. Why complicate things?