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The Simple Guide to Email List Building


Tried setting up your email list on ActiveCampaign, but got stuck on the details? 

Too many techie bits distracting you from getting set up so you can grow your email list? 

Got a great idea for a freebie, but no idea how to get it into people’s inboxes?


Say no more, I’ve got your back!

What you get in this online mini-course

Plan the bigger picture

What are all the bits and pieces you need to grow your list, and how do they fit together? What should you write or create first, and how are you supposed to connect all of the pieces?

Follow my simple roadmap – and keep the end goal in mind at all times.


Step-by-step video tutorials

Dozens of short instructional videos guiding you through creating landing pages and forms on LeadPages, setting up ActiveCampaign, creating and hosting your freebie, and more.

You’ll never be stuck on the tech again!

Build a Sales Funnel Fast

This mini-course will help you

  • Design a landing page on LeadPages
  • Set up an email list on ActiveCampaign
  • Learn how to create a newsletter
  • Create and host your freebie
  • Put together a welcome sequence

I’m Tracie, and I’m on a mission to help people launched. 

I help online entrepreneurs get past the tech – so they can launch their online course, membership, or digital product.

I’m a PLF (Product Launch Formula) graduate and I’ve got over ten years experience working with entrepreneurs who want to launch online. I created this mini-course so you can start building your list -fast- and get your offer out there in no time. 

launch support

Tracie’s far-reaching command of all-things-tech makes sure every issue is addressed. Immense value!

– Kathleen S

How this works:

1.  Sign up

Click the button below to sign up to enroll in the course.

2. Get access

Once you’ve paid and picked a password, you get direct access to all the content…

3. Build your list

Set up and create your freebie, email list, and landing pages as you go through the step-by-step tutorial videos.

launch tech made easy cog
launch tech made easy cog


Do I need an account with ActiveCampaign or LeadPages?

This mini-course is about creating a freebie and using it to build an email list with ActiveCampaign and LeadPages.

You don’t need your accounts set up before you start – but yes, you’ll need accounts with both online tools to fully enjoy the benefits of this course.

If you don’t have an account yet, the tutorials will lead you through the steps of setting one up… so you can move forward in no time.

Does this work if I already have an email list with another provider?

Yes, it does! If you have an email list with a different provider and are looking to move it to ActiveCampaign, my videos will walk you through every single step.

Can I hire you to do it for me?

Yes, you can!

If you just don’t want to spend the time setting up the backend and going through the details, I can get it all set up for you – and tell you exactly how it works, so you can take it from there.

Check out this page for more info!

How will this help me launch my online course or membership?

Building your email list and setting up your sales funnel are the first steps towards selling an online program.

Once you’ve got ActiveCampaign and LeadPages all set up correctly, it’s very straightforward to use the same tools for growing your list, for an online product launch, or for an evergreen sales funnel.

I will show you how to create products, host videos and automate your emails – so you can use these tools for years to come.

Is this using the latest methods and updates?

As soon as any of the tools I use get an update or overhaul, I make sure the tutorial videos reflect those changes. 

I also keep a finger on the pulse of Product Launch Formula, Tribe and other established courses, so I can make sure what I help you create is what’s needed right now, not in 1999.

Ready to get started?

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