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Tech Tip: Embed a Vimeo on Your WordPress Site

You know not to host video on your site, right?

Did you know you should never host video on your own website? This week, I’ll explain how to embed a video hosted on Vimeo on your WordPress site so your followers can watch it directly on your website. It’s important to embed the video...
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Tech Tip: Host a Leadpage on Your Site

Look like a Pro!

Look like a pro by hosting your landing pages on your own site, rather than leaving them hosted on Leadpages using the Leadpages plug in for WordPress. You spend a lot of time on branding your online business, don’t look like a novice by...
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Tech Tip: How to Change Fonts and Colors on Leadpages

Using the Standard Builder

Have you ever been working on the Leadpagse standard builder and wondered why you couldn’t get the fonts or colors the way you wanted them? It’s likely because you aren’t using the Styles menu. In this week’s tech tip, I’ll show you where to...
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Tech Tip: How to Upload Your Freebie to Your WordPress Site

Hint: It's All About the Media Gallery...

  So, you’ve got your freebie all designed and ready to go. You’ve covered the freebie must-dos, like made sure it’s crazy valuable, will deliver a quick win and looks professional. But now what? Where do you put your freebie so the people who...
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Tech Tip: How to Change Your Favicon on Leadpages

It's all in the details...

Looking professional online sometimes means taking care of little things. Ever wonder how to change that tiny little icon on the tabs of your landing pages so it is your own logo or brand symbol? In today’s Tech Tip, Tracie from will show...
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