Confessions of a Life Long Learner: 8 Online Courses I Love

Jan 19, 2017 | General, Tools

I have a confession. My name is Tracie and I am a life-long learner. I am addicted to online courses.

It was a problem for a while. I purchased more online courses than I could get through. A few years ago my husband staged an intervention. We agreed I’d finish the courses I’d already paid for before buying more.

It took nearly a year, but I did it. The feeling of not having a class hanging over my head changed my life. I am now a recovering class addict and am very content to take one class at a time. This is a round up of some of the many online courses I’ve taken since I started my Virtual Assistant business seven years ago, from Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure to Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Maybe there’s one here you’ve wondered about. Feel free to get in touch if you want more information.

Online Courses that I Love

online courses to launch your business

Amy Porterfield

Granted, Amy isn’t a class in and of herself, but I believe I’ve taken every class she’s offered. It started with a Facebook training I don’t remember the name of. I was hooked. I’ve done Profit Lab, Webinars That Convert, Courses That Convert and her newest course, Digital Course Academy. 

What I love about Amy and her trainings is her realness. She isn’t afraid to share her horror stories, her set backs or her triumphs. She also provides some of the best training I’ve ever taken.

In the online world knowing your customer is key and Amy does this better than anyone else. She knows her target audience often struggles to get a business off the ground and can’t afford lots of bells and whistles. She also knows many of her students are not all that tech savvy.

Amy’s solution? Tech Trainings so her students don’t get stuck.. If the course is on Webinars, this may include a specific training on how to integrate Go To Webinar with an email provider. Courses That Convert provides a breakdown of all of the most popular course platforms. Her focus is on training people HOW to do webinars, create courses or run profitable marketing campaigns, but she realizes that there’s more to all of that than just marketing.

Amy is as real as they come. I’ve met her in person and she’s someone you can easily sit down and share a cup of coffee with – her trainings reflect her personality beautifully.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

PLF, as it’s known, is one of the online courses that changed internet marketing. Before PLF, Jeff was just a regular guy staying home with his kids, except that most mountain biking, white-water rafting, thrill-seeking guys don’t stay home with their kids…

One day he discovered the power of email in selling to an audience and the rest is history. What I love about Jeff is that he is a regular Joe. Although his videos and courses are beautiful now, he started from humble beginnings using a small video camera, a white board and a teenage son to shoot his footage.

Jeff’s Product Launch Formula course is packed with value. He provides swipe files, case studies and more bonus modules than the regular content of some other online marketers. Jeff’s course is perfect for people who know they want to sell online using email or video but don’t know what the trick is to make it all work. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Jeff and he’s the real deal.

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Tarzan Kay’s Email Stars

I love writing and I love writing really good copy. So you’ll see two copy writing courses on my list. The first one I took The Copy Cure, which I’ll get to in a minute. It was a great class, and it definitely improved my overall writing.

When I really started specializing in launch strategy, however, I knew without a doubt that I needed Email Stars. Not only had I gotten a ton of great content just from watching Tarzan at live events, listening to her on podcasts, and consuming every piece of her free content she offered, I was lucky enough to meet her personally and I have to tell you… she. is. the coolest. Super genuine, amazingly talented and really big-hearted. She’s the real deal in a world where it’s pretty common to fall victim to hype and self-promotion.

Email Stars is designed for people who are either launching their own online courses or membership or who write copy for course or membership creators. Not only does the course give some of the most granular, in-depth training on things like setting up your lists and tags in your email service to prepare for a launch, it also goes through more types of emails than most people even know exist. The swipe copy she provides is top notch and, additionally, she does live Q&A calls weekly to review the work of the people in the course.

Whether you buy Email Stars or not, you definitely should at least be on her list because her free content and periodic emails are pure gold.

Stu McLaren’s Tribe Course

Want to start a membership? Tribe is the course for membership creators. Seriously, nothing else compares. Each week Stu takes students through a different module, but unlike other courses, where you’re lucky if you get a little support in a Facebook group filled with a thousand people taking the same course, Stu has student support down to a science. He does daily FB lives to answer questions, and several coaches that help support the group as well.

Even having been in the online space for several years, I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about memberships. Think more is better? Think again. Stu turns what most people think of as a successful membership model on its head and explains a better, more streamlined, more profitable way do build a recurring membership business.

One thing to note. Even though this is an online course about memberships, it isn’t a membership itself. It is a course.

If you’d like more information on Stu McLaren’s Tribe course, I did a full review here. 

Rachel Miller’s Grow Your Audience Facebook Pages & Groups

(more commonly known as Moolah Marketing)
Facebook traffic is a special world all its own, and if there is a queen, she’s named Rachel Miller. Growing a solid following Facebook without wasting a lot of money on ads that don’t convert is a tricky business. Rachel not only knows how to successfully run very highly converting ads, she’s also helped people achieve massive growth without paying a penny to Facebook.

Whether she’s teaching how to create Facebook groups that have massive followings, to get viral posts on Facebook pages, or how to place ads so they reach the maximum number of eyeballs, you can be assured that if it’s about FB, Rachel knows it. She actually reads Facebooks Terms of Service regularly, who does that?

I will say that this course is one of the more confusing online courses I’ve taken. Often times I found myself in a holding pattern to move on until my FB page had reached a certain growth stage. Ultimately, as someone who helps with launch tech, I also had to come to grips with the fact I’d never be one of Rachel’s superstars with a million post views, people just aren’t that rabid about tech. That said, I still highly recommend this online course to anyone who wants to go deeper and really understand FB at an in-depth level. It’s not that the content is hard, it’s that FB is hard. Rachel makes it all as streamlined and easy as she possibly can.

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Marie Forleo’s B-School was the first “really expensive” training I ever took. At $2,000 I was pretty reluctant to make this first investment in my business, but I am so glad I did. It has been worth every penny.

Not only are Marie’s trainings beautiful to watch, she’s easy to listen to and is insanely smart about where new online entrepreneurs get stuck. B-School is a must-have program for anyone who has a great business idea that isn’t getting traction.

The online course covers everything from developing your avatar (target audience) so deeply that you know which magazines she reads, to how to create an effective website, and the best ways to create online products. It is a soup-to-nuts school on how to start your business (hence B-School).

Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure

When I heard that Marie Forleo was coming out with a copywriting course, I had to take it. I waited over a year for the Copy Cure course to be released. It was worth the wait.

The Copy Cure is engaging in a way that I’ve never seen in an online course. It’s funny, and it is the type of online course I can’t consume fast enough. Marie teams up with Laura Belgray of and parts of the Copy Cure course are laugh out loud funny. I’ll be honest, when people tell me they enjoy my writing style, I know a big part of it comes from having taken the Copy Cure course. 

Assist U Virtual Assistant Training

Ahh… my home. AssistU is where I first learned about being a VA. It’s where I trained and I will always consider it my alma mater. If you want to work online as a well-trained, highly paid and respected Virtual Assistant, this is the place to go. As the Virtual Assistant profession has grown in the past five years, the definition of what a VA is has become a bit blurred. AssistU is the gold standard for VAs. Graduates of the program (there is a lengthy exam process) are the best in the business. They have high standards and processes in place that will serve their clients well.

AND – If you’re looking for a VA, this is where you should start. You will go through a bit of an on boarding process, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it. If you need a one-off project transcribed or want to pay someone $10/hour to work with you, AssistU is not for you. But if you want a long-term collaborative partner that cares as much about your business as you do, AssistU is where you should look.

What Online Courses do You Love?

So there’s my wrap up. The online courses I’ve taken and loved. There may or may not be others that I didn’t like as much. Comment below to ask about one you’re considering. 

Which online courses have you loved? Any that you’d recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Happy learning!

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