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Make sure your email is sending the right signals


When you send personal email, your recipients’ email system knows those emails are legit; they came from you.

When your email service provider sends emails on behalf of your business, some email systems flag those emails as suspicious: the email says it’s from you, but it’s actually coming from your email service provider.

Authenticating your email address with your email service provider resolves this error, and ensures your marketing emails are just as deliverable as your personal emails.  



Sound a little too techie for you?

The domain email authentication process I’ll set up for you…


Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide SPF and DKIM tokens that will allow email to be correctly authenticated to your contacts.  I’ll add these tokens to the correct TXT records in your site’s DNS records.
This also gets rid of the annoying “Email sent from [] on behalf of…” messages!

DMARC and Monitoring

Once DKIM and SPF records are configured, I’ll set up weekly DMARC monitoring to ensure that your email deliverability remains high.  If there’s ever a change (due to ESP change, a name change, or anything else) I’ll receive a notification, and I can quickly address the problem.

I’m Tracie, and I’m on a mission to help people launched. 

I help online entrepreneurs get past the tech – so they can launch their online course, membership, or digital product.

I’m a PLF (Product Launch Formula) graduate and I’ve got over ten years experience working with entrepreneurs who want to launch online. I created this mini-course so you can start building your list -fast- and get your offer out there in no time. 

launch support

Tracie’s far-reaching command of all-things-tech makes sure every issue is addressed. Immense value!

– Kathleen S

How this works:

1.  Sign up

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2. Give me access

Once I’ve received payment, you will receive instructions on how to send me your necessary access information securely.

3. I take care of the rest

I will set up the necessary DNS records in your hosting service to ensure you’re sending the right signals to email service providers and verify your domain address is set up properly.

launch tech made easy cog
launch tech made easy cog


What types of information will you need?

I will need the log in for your email service provider (Aweber, ActiveCampaign, etc.), the log in for your email host (Bluehost, SiteGround, etc.) and the log in for your DNS host (this could be your web host, Cloudflare or domain name registrar).  If you don’t know what those things are or what that means, I can help you out.

Why is it important to have your email address authenticated?

By authenticating the email address from which you’re sending emails to your clients, you’re letting the email services who deliver email know that you are a legitimate company, not a spammer. This will increase your deliverability rates.

Correctly authenticated email is extremely important process if you’re doing business online. You need to let your contacts’ email servers know you are an authenticated sender using the proper DKIM and SPF records.

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