5 Myths About Your Website

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Ask an online marketer where they spent the most time and money their first year in business and you’re likely to hear it was on their website.

Talk to an online entrepreneur the first six months they are building their business and when you ask what they’re up to, they’ll likely say they’re working on their website.

This is crazy.

When you start a new online business, your website should be one of the last things you worry about. They can be quite expensive, very time consuming and bring in little to no revenue.

Today I’m addressing this head on, as well as explaining why you need to stop messing around with the “free” and “easy” web building sites and go directly to self-hosted. That means no Wix, no Squarespace or Weebly or even WordPress.com. If you’re going to have a serious online business, this is what you need to know.



The 5 Myths About Your Website: Details in the Video!

#1 Your Website is the Most Important Part of Your Online Business
#2 All Website Creators are Created Equal
#3 You Have to be a Tech Genius to Figure Out Your Website
#4 Changing Websites as You Grow is Easy
#5 Your Website is How People Will Find Your Business

What do you think? What have you found to be the biggest surprise about putting together your website?

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