Finding Out What Works: The Beauty of the A/B Split Test


Have you ever wondered about the best way to do something in your online business?

Should you use this subject line or that one?

Which color is more likely to get click thrus on a landing page? 

Does your audience react better to happy, uplifting photos or neutral illustrations?

Maybe you’ve even asked someone for their opinion about one of these topics and they’ve told you that you need to “test it.” 

It’s called an A/B Split Test. Today we’re going to talk about what that means and how to run the test.



Best practices for A/B split tests:

  • Only test one thing at a time
  • Have a big enough sample size to make the test statistically relevant
  • Make sure that if you’re testing images, headlines or colors that maintain consistency among all the parts of the test (ad, landing page, opt in form)
  • Test either an email or a landing page. Don’t test both at the same time.
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