How Good is the Adaptive Marketing Membership Program?

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You’ve got an amazing lead magnet that people are dying to receive.

You’ve created a beautiful landing page where people can give you their name and email address in exchange for your freebie.

You’ve written a powerful follow-up sequence in your email service provider to take the people who opt in for your freebie deeper so they start to know, like and trust you.

What’s next?

How do you get people to find your landing page and opt in for your freebie so you can build your email list?

You’ve heard about organic traffic and paid traffic, but you’re not sure what they are or how to take advantage of them.

Enter the Adaptive Membership program.

How I Found Adaptive Membership

When I first joined Adaptive, it was because I had just spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to try to reach ideal clients for my Get Launched! 5-week Bootcamp.  I’ve been in the launching space for years and finding the right audience on Facebook – someone who is familiar with launching but just can’t seem to get their first launch done – is not an easy task.

I’d tried to do my own FB ads many times using several different online programs and processes. I’d joined courses, taken workshops, done challenges and attended trainings – all to no avail. I’d run conversion ads, lead form ads and traffic ads depending on the program I was attending and the “guru” I was following. Sure, I occasionally got a lead, but those leads didn’t convert and I quickly grew a list of people who wouldn’t buy from me.

In desperation I hired a Facebook ads specialist for $997/month plus ad spend. Four months later I was down nearly $5k and had nothing to show for it. The leads I got either never opened another email from me or grabbed the lead magnet and immediately unsubscribed. NOT my ideal client.

I was in several online communities where Adaptive Membership creator, Paul Pruitt, also hung out and realized he had really great info to share and was forthcoming with tips and ideas about running Facebook ads for people who weren’t even in his membership program. If he was willing to give out so much info for free, I figured his membership must be amazing. 

I wasn’t wrong.

What does Adaptive Membership Include?

When I first heard about Adaptive, it was actually spelled ADaptive and I understood it to be about paid advertising. When I looked at the waitlist page (Adaptive only invites a few people into the membership monthly to keep the numbers low and the level of service high), I realized that the program includes so much more than just help with paid traffic that it isn’t even specifically mentioned on their website*.

You can find the nuts and bolts details of what the membership program includes by going to the site, but here’s why I find it so valuable and different than the other online courses and memberships I belong to:

Adaptive Membership Office Hours

Each week, Adaptive offers 8+ hours of live office hours on a variety of topics. The office hours are run by both Adaptive coaches who are experts in their own fields; and Paul & Melissa, creators of Adaptive. Copywriting, paid advertising, tech support and overall marketing strategy are just a few of the topics covered during office hours specific to the topic.

The membership program is small enough to be sure everyone gets their questions answered and the experience of the coaches is top notch. There are no generic, one-size-fits-all responses here. Coaches frequently ask you to share your screen so they can see exactly where you’re stuck and walk you through fixing your problems live. I’m not in any other programs with that level of service.

Adaptive Membership Coaches

A little more about the coaches. While I don’t know this to be absolutely true, my experience has led me to believe that each of the coaches working on behalf of Adaptive run their own businesses specific to their area of expertise. These aren’t just helpful community members who’ve been promoted to coaching positions but instead know the topic they specialize in and know it at a very deep level.

Yet, the coaches are also able to recognize that as members of the program we don’t have the level of understanding they do and are easily able to explain concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand and implement.

Adaptive Membership Facebook Group

Got a question in between live office hours? Need clarification on something a coach told you? Pop into the Facebook group, ask your question, tag the relevant coach and get your question answered quickly. Unlike other large group programs, the size of Adaptive means your questions don’t get lost and that the coaches check back in on you throughout the day.

Adaptive Membership Trainings

When I first joined Adaptive, I had the goal of getting a Facebook ad up as quickly as possible. I’d just come off of a launch that hadn’t done as well as I’d hoped and I decided paid advertising to my lead magnet was the only way I was going to turn things around. Never mind that I’d been trying this method for nearly six months with no results (remember the $5k I mentioned above?).

When I logged in for the first time I was gobsmacked by the level of training I now had access to. Not only was there the ads training I was looking for, but marketing training unlike anything I’d seen before (and I’ve been in the online marketing world for nearly 10 years), as well as general social media engagement training. I’m sure there’s more I haven’t dug into yet.

The best part of the trainings is that they are described as a smorgasbord: designed for you to pick and choose whatever you need when you need it. Such a welcome relief from online courses or memberships I’ve purchased where you have to do weeks of work before you can get to the point where you can actually start implementing.

What I found was that I had been approaching ads in a way that wasn’t going to work for my audience and my business. After watching a few videos, doing some in-depth worksheets that really caused me to think and jumping on a few office hour calls, I was able to change my strategy and begin generating leads for $.02 rather than the $5+ other Facebook ad training programs were telling me I should be happy to get.

Adaptive Membership Weekly Reviews

Probably the coolest part about Adaptive is that it offers a weekly review of one piece of content by professional copywriters. Each week, members can submit one ad, email, landing page or other piece of content they’ve been working on to be reviewed via recorded video. 

I have taken numerous courses on copywriting and get compliments on my writing all the time, but the feedback and suggestions I get is spot on and refreshing. There’s nothing like getting a knowledgeable set of eyes on something you’ve been working on so long that you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

Whether you’re a professional copywriter or someone just struggling to put your own collateral together, getting someone else to walk you through their perceptions when reading your copy and giving suggestions for how to make it better is worth its weight in gold.

Is Adaptive Worth the Money?

While Adaptive is the priciest of the membership programs I belong to, I won’t say it’s the most expensive. The money and time it saves me each week more than covers the cost. In fact, by getting rid of my Facebook ads manager and my social media content manager I was more than able to cover the cost. If you include the ad spend I won’t be wasting with techniques that don’t work, I’ll easily come out ahead.

What Type of Situation is Perfect for Adaptive Membership?

Adaptive Membership is perfect for someone who understands a bit about paid ads, wants to run their own paid advertising and is interested in learning about marketing and how it will affect your ads at the same time.

Even though I thought I understood online marketing, I quickly realized there were things about marketing in general that I was ignoring when setting up my ads and funnels that were causing them to be ineffective.

Although the program is extensive, I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it if I didn’t have some knowledge of ads when I joined. Even though a complete beginner can absolutely learn what they need to know by watching videos, working through exercises and asking questions on office hour calls, it could be overwhelming if you’re brand new to paid advertising or the online marketing space.

Who is Not Right for Adaptive?

If you’re looking for a quick, “one-afternoon to set up high converting ads” type of training, this isn’t for you. This program is an in-depth look at why people buy and how to understand their needs in order to offer them exactly what they need.

You will learn a lot, but you will only get out of it what you put in. If you’re looking for a video walkthrough of exactly how to set up an ad, you’ll get it, but not until you’ve been thoroughly taught why you want to do your ad a certain way and how it fits into your end goals.

Adaptive Membership is the most solid membership program I’ve joined and it’s one I won’t be ending soon. Unlike some memberships where you join, get what you need and then cancel, this membership keeps giving and giving. It’s one that will remain on my yearly budget for the foreseeable future.

If you’d like more information about the Adaptive Membership program and what it includes, you can find out more here.

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