Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy Review

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Do you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall trying to get your online course set up? 

Where do you even start?

Should you sell it first and then create it?

Fill it with the content you know people desperately need to have and then convince them to buy it?

And what about the technology? How do you even put a course on the internet?

You’re not alone. Creating a course online has a lot of moving pieces, and that’s exactly why Amy Porterfield created Digital Course Academy.

What is DCA – Digital Course Academy?

Unlike other courses, Digital Course Academy course doesn’t just explain to you what you need to do, it goes deep into HOW to get it done. Step-by-step tech trainings take the course to a level unseen in most paid online programs – and you won’t find such in-depth information on YouTube either. 

In DCA, Amy covers everything, including how to: 

  • Validate your course idea 
  • Ensure there’s a market for what you want to teach
  • Create a sales page
  • Design a webinar that will convert to sales
  • Write your email sequences 
  • Get your online course completed and launched

It’s designed to be a one stop shop for everything an online business owner needs to successfully create, market and sell an online course.

Webinars that Convert + Courses that Convert: 2 in 1

Before Digital Course Academy, Amy had two other wildly successful courses. 

Webinars That Convert – an entire course dedicated to teaching how to research, promote, design and deliver amazing webinars that convert. I used Amy’s exact method for my own webinars to fantastic success. The people  watching stayed on right until I shut the webinar down.

Courses That Convert – a course devoted to creating courses that are exactly what your market needs in a way that will surprise and delight those who join. 

She combined both of those courses into Digital Course Academy – a soup to nuts course on both creating an outstanding course that people value and love AND sell it to them in a highly converting webinar. 

And before that? She was one of the original authors of Facebook for Dummies way back in the day before Facebook was a part of our daily lives. Let’s just say she knows her stuff.  

What’s in DCA? Insider’s Peek

There are 7 Modules, taking you from the key decisions you need to make before beginning your course, all the way through to how you will record it and make sure your students have a stellar experience. 

Want an insider’s peek at what’s inside? Here you go:

Module 1: The 7 Key Decisions – 7 lessons of content

Module 2: Pre-selling & Validating Your Course – 5 lessons, including one of my favorites: How to Create a 30-Day Pre-Launch Runway

Module 3: The Art of Outlining Your Course – 3 lessons

Module 4: The Digital Course Academy Sales Page Blueprint – 3 lessons including The Behind-the-Scenes Tour of a High Converting Sales Page

Module 5: The Profitable Webinar Presentation – 7 lessons

Module 6: Crafting Your Email Sequences – 7 lessons

Module 7: Recording Your Course – 3 lessons

Additionally, she has a Tech Library that walks you step-by-step through setting up the technology for each step she teaches and bonuses to cover just about situation that could cause you to get stuck.

DCA: Amy Porterfield’s Course – Review

As someone who has been in the online space for nearly 8 years, I’ve taken a lot of courses. Digital Course Academy is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve taken, and I would highly recommend it to others.. 

The three things I love most about DCA are

  1. Amy is constantly changing and refining the content based on feedback from her students. If there’s a need for something that’s not yet covered in the course? Poof, it appears.
  2. There’s no fluff in this course, if it’s not necessary, it’s not there. 
  3. Amy Porterfield and her team are hands down the most responsive email and online marketing company that I’ve worked with in all the years I’ve been in business. 


How much is Digital Course Academy – and is it worth it?

Digital Course Academy is right in line with other large online courses on the market. Last time it was offered, the price was $1997 with several payment options available. 

While this may seem like a lot if you’re not familiar with buying courses in the online space, you have to understand that it is actually an investment in your business. The amount of time and money such a course saves you in the long run means it pays for itself very quickly.

The price you pay to be taught by one of the industry titans, to have everything all in one place, to have all tech trainings included, and to get swipe copy, templates and insider secrets? That’s going to fast track your business and be worth far more than the price of the course. 

But, I do understand that $1997 is not to be taken lightly, and so does Amy. So she created a cool guide on how to earn the money it will take you to buy the course before the cart closes. Check it out!

Final words on DCA…

Like any course, Digital Course Academy will require that you jump in, do the work, follow the plan and finish strong. If you are the type of person who loves to buy and take courses right up until the time you need to actually do the work, this is not the course for you. You will not magically have a high selling course just by buying DCA.

If the idea of having a course online appeals to you, if you like step-by-step, walk-thru processes, if you love cheat sheets, checklists and action steps, then you will LOVE DCA. 

Want to learn more or still not sure? Be sure to check out Amy’s free masterclass: How to Create and Launch a Profitable Digital Course from Scratch

And, if you’re in the online space and not listening to Amy’s podcast? Well, you are missing out on one of the best business podcasts that exists. That’s not just my opinion, Fast Company, Business Insider & Forbes agree.

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