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When you are first starting an online business, there are plenty of places to spend your time and money. Building a big fancy website shouldn’t be one of them. At least not for a while. 

Too often people think they need a beautiful, customized, self-hosted WordPress site before the can move forward with their online business. While that may be true down the line, it’s better to start simple. Quite often, your business idea will change and grow as you build your list and start interacting with your perfect customer. Wait until you have all of your messaging nailed before you put a lot of time and money into a website.

Leadpages, commonly known for its landing page software, recognized the need for a simple website designer and added a feature to its platform called Sites. You can now build a Leadpages website in a day.

How to build a Leadpages website

Because I know creating a website is a huge stumbling block for many, I decided to check it out for myself to see how quickly I could set up a site. Here’s the top half of a home page I set up on Leadpages.

Landing page software

Templates for different types of pages

I couldn’t believe how easy it was. There are a variety of templates that range from simple designs that resemble landing pages to more complex designs with several menu items and tabs. 

The Sites feature on Leadpages allows you to create a terrific looking website without breaking the bank. You can build the site so people can check out you while also building your email list.

Website hosting by Leadpages

You don’t even have to worry about hosting the site. Leadpages will do it for you. This allows you to focus first on the parts of your business that truly matter, and to start testing ideas and earning money before you put a lot of money into a professional website design.

Why I recommend a Leadpages Website

Site templates are not only quick and easy, the esthetic is beautiful. You’re sure to find a template that fits your needs, but if not, they are completely customizable including the ability to add and delete pages as you need them.

The bonus: you’ll have a design you’ve tweaked and tested to show a web designer if you ever do decide you want to have a self-hosted WordPress or other type of website. How much money do you think THAT will save you.

But, best of all is that if you are using Leadpages to as a responsive landing page builder already (and why wouldn’t you?) the process of using Sites is much the same as building your landing pages.

Interested in trying it yourself? You can check out the new Leadpages Sites feature right here.

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