How Your Online Business Can Allow You to Live Differently

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If you like to go against the norm, you’re going to love this episode. Tamryn Sherriffs specializes in thinking outside the box. In her podcast, Differently, she hosts guests who live life a little bit, well a little bit differently, than other people.

Do you feel restless in your job, your life or with your family? Do you have a deep down feeling that things don’t have to remain the way they are now, that you don’t want them to remain the way they are?

Although we started by discussing the differentness of living in an RV while traveling the U.S. full time, and the challenges that presents, the conversation quickly shifted.

We talk raising kids in ways that go against the societal norms, and how that can lead to jobs that are so outside the norm they didn’t even exist a few years ago, to how doing really hard things is not much different than learning to ride a bike.

We even go deep – talking about the weird feeling of reaching a dream and then wondering if it was all worth it and t what it’s like to look at things through a different lens than that of the rest of the world. Whether you’re thinking about changing jobs, changing scenery or changing the way you raise your kids, I think we all have a part of us who craves a little bit of different-ness and I am thankful to Tamryn for brining it to light.

Differently Tamryn Sherriffs

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