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Choosing an email service provider when you first start your online business is no small matter. You will be spending a lot of time here: drafting and sending emails, setting up sequences, creating autoresponders and monitoring your list’s actions.

But, there’s balance between making a choice and procrastinating because you just can’t decide which choice is right for you. You can always change your email service provider if you find it’s not a good fit. Is that easy to do? No. Is it something you should plan to do? I wouldn’t. But, if changing services is what you need to do in order to actually get yourself to send an email, it makes sense.

A view inside three of the most popular email service providers

To help you make the decision, I’ve put together a three part series. It takes you inside three of the most popular services for new online business owners. The first week we took a look at Active Campaign, last week was Mailerlite. Today I’ll end the series with Aweber.

I hope these videos will save you time by showing you how to perform simple tasks in each service. These videos, however, are no substitute for signing up for a free trial and trying out the one that looks best to you.

Any of the services I’ve profiled are good choices for doing launches online. They are affordable to start, grow with your business and have good deliverability.

A note about deliverability

One note about deliverability. For every person who tells you they get great deliverability with a particular service, someone else will tell you the deliverability is terrible for them. People often get deliverability confused with open and click through rates. And the best way to improve THOSE is to improve your subject lines and email content.

So when you’re first choosing your email service, if you stick with the three I’ve covered, you should be fine. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 🙂

Want some more ideas about how to improve your deliverability rates? You may want to check out How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

I’d love to know which email service you choose and why! Let me know in the comments below.


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