Installing the Facebook Pixel on WordPress

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What is the Facebook Pixel and why do you need it? 

Facebook’s pixel is a small piece of code that you use on your website and landing pages to track visitors. 

When you’re ready to set up Facebook ads, it will allow you to: 

  • Send Facebook ads to people who have visited your website (or a specific page on your website) in the past. E.g. if someone visited your blog post about [topic], you could send them an ad to your [product relating to topic]. 
  • Send Facebook ads to people similar to those who visited your website (or a specific page on your website) in the past. E.g. if people who visit your landing page are mostly women 45-55 living in Tennessee and using Safari as their browser, Facebook can help you send ads to more Tennessee Safari-using women. 

And, before you panic, you don’t need to know a thing about coding in order to work with or install this small piece of code. Facebook makes it very easy.

Why you shouldn’t wait to install a Facebook Pixel on your website

Even if you’re not ready to create ads on Facebook right now, setting up an ads account so that you can create the pixel is one of the first things you should do in your online business. 

You want that pixel code installed on your website so Facebook can start to gather data on the types of people who are visiting your site. 

If you wait to install your Facebook Pixel until you’re ready to run ads, you won’t have any data to use – and although you’ll be able to run ads in other ways, you won’t be able to use the data gathered by FB pixel right away. 

How to install the FB Pixel on your website

Installing the FB pixel on your website is simple: 

  1. If you haven’t got a Facebook ad account yet, you’ll need to create an account
  2. Create the FB pixel in your ad account
  3. Copy-paste the code onto your website. Or if someone else is in charge of your website – just send them an email and they’ll do it for you! 

Want to see exactly how it works? Watch the video below! 

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