Integrations 101: Connecting Your Tech Quickly & Easily

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Integration. It’s really a friendly word when you think about it. In fact, a quick check of an online thesaurus gives all kinds of great substitutions:

  • accomodate
  • blend
  • combine
  • coordinate
  • harmonize
  • join
  • unify
  • unite

Nothing scary about those words right? Integration is a great way of saying you’re bringing two things together.

But mention the word integration to someone putting together their launch tech and you’re likely to strike terror in their hearts and see horror in their eyes.
I’m not going to lie, not so long ago, getting two systems to “talk” to each other when setting up an online sales funnel required pretty significant knowledge of tech and coding. Luckily, companies like Active Campaign, Aweber, Leadpages and other popular online services figured out that the complexity of getting its system to work with other systems was scaring people away.

In fact, when I ask people who are planning a launch where they are struggling most with their tech, they often say it’s with the integrations. And when I show them how to set those integrations up, they cannot believe they allowed themselves to stay stuck so long.

In truth, most integrations require a few clicks, some copy and pasting of a line of text and you’re good to go. It’s that easy. I’ve rarely found an integration that takes more than 10 minutes and nearly every service you use will have great support documentation and walk thrus on how to make it happen.

But, because I am full-service here at Launch Tech Made Easy, I’m going to show you how to set up an integrations for two of the most popular services. Right here. Right now. Hang on to your hats.


Integrating Leadpages with Active Campaign…

Step One:

Click the button in Leadpages that you want to integrate with your email service. In this case, Active Campaign. When the dark blue sidebar pops up on the left, make sure you’re in the integrations tab.
Integrate Leadpages with Active Campaign

Step Two:

Click on +More Services (your account will not show ActiveCampaign Account #1 at this point)
Integrate Leadpages form with Active Campaign

Step Three:

Choose from the list of services that integrate directly with Leadpages

Leadpages Integrations


Step Four:

Click on Connect New Account
Connect Leadpages and ActiveCampaign

Step Five:

Click links at the bottom to find instructions for where to find your API Key and URL. In this case, you will be directed to log in to your Active Campaign account and go to the dashboard.


Step Six:

Make sure you’re in your Active Campaign Dashboard, and look for the black side menu on the left. Scroll down and click “Settings” on the black left menu bar.
Active Campaign Leadpages Integration Settings

Step Seven:

Once you’re in the Settings menu of your Active Campaign black side menu, click on Developer. There you will find your API key with instructions on where to copy and paste it. Do not share, edit or delete this API key or url. (You will not see that screen here for security reasons, but there are instructions to walk you thru.)Integration Settings Active Campaign


Step Eight:

Click the back arrow IN LEADPAGES to take you back to the landing page you were working on. It will now say Active Campaign Account #1. Click the small arrow next to the trash can to get a drop down menu.
Leadpages Integration

Step Nine:

Click “Refresh List’ and then when the arrows stop spinning, click the drop down menu to find the form you set up on Active Campaign.
Active Campaign Leadpages integration
And that, my friends, is an integration.

Was it a lot of steps? Maybe, but there was no coding required and nothing complicated.

The key to making integrations work is to go slowly and really think through each step. Read the directions, they are designed to make this a very easy process for you.

Did you know that you can also integrate Leadpages with your self-hosted WordPress site to make it look as though the landing pages are custom made on your site? It’s easy to do with the Leadpages plug in. You can find instructions on how to do that in the blog post: Tech Tip: How to Host a Leadpage on Your Site

I really love Leadpages and ActiveCampaign. I think they are the perfect set up for online course or membership creators preparing to launch online, but the instructions I gave here are easily replicated for whichever services you choose. These were used as an example.

If you’re having problems with any launch tech integrations, go to the support area of the service you’re working with and type “integration” into the search field and it will likely turn up exactly the instructions you need.

Integrations don’t need to be hard. Take a deep breath, read through the instructions carefully and all should be well. Most services are designed to integrate with each other. Before you sign up for a new service, make sure it integrates with the others you’re already using to create the easiest, most straight forward tech stack for your business.

Still confused about integrations? Want to just have me set them up for you? We should chat. Book an inquiry call here to find out about my Done For You Services. 

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