Build Your List for Launch: Landing Pages and Opt in Forms

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Landing Pages and Opt in Forms

They can be confusing, no doubt about it. Today I’ll explain the difference between them. I’ll also give you a few unique ways to use them to build your list so you’re ready to launch.

Here are examples of both:

Landing Page:

Landing Pages and Opt-in Forms go hand in hand. A landing page is where your clients LAND when following a link. An opt-in form is the place they actually enter their email address. Collecting these email addresses is how you’ll build your list.

Tech Steps to Launching Landing Page Example

A Landing Page


Opt in Form:

Tech Steps to Launching Opt in Form Example

An Opt-in Form

I use LeadPages to create my landing pages and opt-in forms, but there are many other providers out there as well. When you create your landing page and opt-in form, customize them to make them your own. Change the colors, add your logo or branding. You definitely want to use wording to reflect who you are and what you’re offering (that cool freebie you designed).

Landing Pages and Opt-in Forms Build Your List So You Can Launch

When you’re preparing to launch your course or product online, your email list is going to be like gold for you. Those are your people, the ones who love everything you have to say and can’t wait to buy from you.

You want to build that list carefully, and to make sure it’s full of quality people who are likely to become buyers. Think about that as you put together your free offer, as you create your landing page and opt in form. What would your perfect client love to receive as the free offer? What types of graphics are they most likely to respond to, what types of words do they use?

Too often people throw together a landing page and opt in form, not considering the type of people they want to attract. Give it some thought and before you know it, you’ll have a great list of people who can’t wait to give you their money because they know how awesome you.

Have more questions about landing pages and opt in forms? Pop your question into the comments section below. This is a continuation of my series on the 7 Tools You Need to Launch Online.

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