Learn to Launch Online the Same Way You Learned to Tie Your Shoes


**Updated Nov. 2021**

Learning to launch online can be quite overwhelming.

Not only do you have to think about your product and how to prepare it for market, you need to figure out the nitty gritty details like making sure people who receive your freebie are added to the right list.

Once they’re on you list, you have to be sure to interact with them, make sure they are getting your emails and that you are answering their questions.

And then there’s the launch itself. Shooting videos, writing copy, following up on comments, it’s a lot to keep track of.

Don’t Give In to Temptation

It’s tempting to want to outsource the work. I know the first time I launched I wanted to just hide my head in the sand and let my husband do everything for me. My husband, who has his own 60-hour a week job, was less than enthusiastic about my plan.

I needed a way to send out emails, but I had no idea how to do that using one of the big, serious email service providers. I knew how to use Constant Contact and MailChimp and that was it.

Then, the online marketing program I followed told me to set up a landing page and integrate it with my opt-in form and email provider to start building my list. I didn’t even know what “integrate” meant let alone how I was going to do it!

That first launch took a long time for me to set up… A really, really long time. Weeks, actually. Okay, months.

The crazy thing is the content, the part that most people struggle with, wasn’t my problem. Writing my video script, shooting the videos themselves, that was cake compared to figuring out how to make the videos actually show up for my customers.

I remember crying (real tears), “Why isn’t this easier? Why isn’t there someone to just do this for me!!!!”

At that point I would have paid anyone to take care of my launch tech.

Here’s the unbelievable thing. I’m so glad now that I didn’t find someone else to do it for me back then.

Learning to Launch Online is Like Tying Your Shoes

Learning to launch online is like learning to tie your shoes. When you’re learning, it seems impossible and ridiculous. When my youngest learned to tie his his shoes, he tried to convince me it was a waste of valuable play time. If kids wore velcro shoes and grandpas wore velcro shoes, he reasoned, then surely there was no need to use laces… Now that he’s in his 20s,, he realizes the value of a well-tied shoe. He rarely has to think about how to actually perform the process.

Your launch tech will be the same way.

If I hadn’t learned the basic tech steps to launching, I would be at the mercy of another person every single time I need to make even a minor change in how my launch is set up. And if you’ve ever launched, you know how often that happens.

Now I have a team in place to help ensure everything is running smoothly, but I also have knowledge of the process. I can identify potential problems and check their work. When something isn’t working I can almost immediately determine why that is, and I can set up a launch sequence in a matter of minutes if I get a brainstorm in the middle of the night.

None of that would be possible if I had outsourced everything from the beginning.

Don’t Worry, There’s a Happy Ending

Here’s the good news. Since I started launching over three years ago, I’ve done the research for you. I know which systems to use and how to set them up.

I’ve made the mistakes, I’ve accidentally sent out test emails to my clients, I’ve used the wrong emails at the wrong times and I’ve sent out broken links. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. You get to learn from my mistakes.

So, how can I help you? Tell me: what is holding you back from launching online?

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