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Angel Rated with Angela Bryant is a both a service and a podcast that takes a look at the ideas and passions behind online businesses so that we, as consumers, can make conscious decisions about the companies and products we support. It’s a really neat concept that I am excited to get behind.

I was honored to join her on her podcast and have an honest conversation about the passions behind my business, what I’m doing, how I got started, and the people I want desperately to help and serve.

What We Talked About..

Finding My Passion

Did you know I originally started out with a completely different business? My husband and I actually started our journey into the online business world with a course and book to help other parents learn to teach their children about money.

Everyone loved the idea, we had so much positive feedback, and yet when it came to launch the course .. no one was ready for what we had to offer.

While trying to make that business work, I attended an online marketing event where people much smarter than I was in the online space told me that they just didn’t think that business idea would work. This was in 2015. I have no doubt it would work today, This was in the era before the internet held the answers to everything and parents didn’t really look for an external influence like what we had in mind to help them teach their own kids.

Instead of getting frustrated or giving up on my dreams of owning my own online business, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that I had permission to let go of the business that wasn’t for me. Although it was info I knew the world needed, teaching it wasn’t my passion.

I found my next path right there in that event that opened my eyes, killed one business, and gave life to a brand new one.

I was so serious and so inspired that I actually had new business cards made for this brand new business idea within 48 hours while still at the online marketing event.

Next thing I knew, I not only found a new business, but I’d also found a new passion. Behind the scenes, there was a kind of magic and sense of satisfaction in hooking the tech together in just the right way that everything works and makes sense. It’s like putting together a puzzle made just for me.

My Why

I wanted to own an online business so that I could travel with my husband full time after our youngest child left home. Along the way, I discovered my why was actually much deeper than that. It wasn’t just about me and the freedom I found in the digital nomad lifestyle.

It was about helping other people realize the dream that they told themselves they couldn’t have because the tech pieces were too hard, too overwhelming, and too confusing for them to make it a reality.

My goal is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs launch their course or membership in the next five years by helping them realize that they have all of the tech skills they need – they just need to unearth them and bring them to the surface.

I want to be the person who helps people break through the barriers in an inspirational way – because I’m a normal person, and if I can do it, you can do it too.

My Values

“If you make more, you can do more.” – Stu McClaren, founder of TRIBE.

That quote has inspired me so fully in life and business, because I want the ability to help, whenever I want to, without the strings of budget or the shame of making money holding me back.

My other values embody travel: fun, adventure, and not taking myself too seriously.

Both in business and in life, integrity, honesty, and spirituality (in the way that I am not the most important thing in the universe) are so meaningful to me.

Online businesses used to, and in some niches still do, carry a negative connotation. I remember my own parents were worried I was running a scam when I told them I was making money online, from my computer! I make sure to lead my business from a place of integrity and honesty to combat that perspective.

Listen for More

We also talked about how COVID has impacted the online world, how I continue my education along the road while traveling, the practicalities of managing an online business while traveling in an RV (FAQ: how do we get internet on the road?), and what I would do if I didn’t have my tech business.

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