Myth: It’s All About the Likes on Facebook


You’ve probably seen them. Maybe you’ve even participated in them: Like Groups on Facebook. These are groups based on people’s incorrect believe that your page reach is all about the Likes on Facebook.

Here’s how it works: a Facebook page or group encourages its members to post their Facebook page link. Other people in the group are then supposed to go through and like a the pages listed.

The idea is this will increase the numbers of Likes on Facebook that a page has, thus making it more popular with the algorithms and increasing its reach.

In fact, unless the people who are liking your page are exactly the types of people you are using the page to attract, this is a terrible idea and will actually hurt your page.

Here’s why…

I had no idea asking for Likes could actually hurt my page’s reach and fill it full of people who are sending the wrong message to Facebook.

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