Online Business or Alaskan Fishing Lodge: The Business Principles are the Same


Recently my entire extended family went north to Alaska to celebrate my parent’s 50th Anniversary.

It was amazing in all the ways you’d expect, lots of wildlife, breath-taking scenery and long hikes up steep mountains while avoiding fresh bear scat ????and bears!

Honestly though, the best part of the trip was the second half when we rented out a private fishing lodge on the Kenai River. It was such a different experience than any of us had ever had before.

We became friends with the owners, in the way you do when you’re living in close quarters but know you’ll probably never see each other again, and we spent long nights outside visiting and enjoying never ending twilight. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how much one of our conversations applied to everything I’ve ever known about my own business and had not been paying attention to recently.

I wish I’d thought to record the conversation at the time, but in truth, wifi was terrible there (a welcome relief) and sometimes it’s best just to stay in the moment.

Here’s what I learned…

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