Perfection is the Enemy


There’s just something about entrepreneurs.

There’s something that makes us believe, at least when first starting out, that everything we do has to be perfect.

In some cases, perfection can be a way to stall. If we’re worried about how our website looks, the color of our logo or the title of our course we can put off writing content, developing a course or selling our services. 

But maybe it’s more than that.

At it’s core, could a need for perfection among entrepreneurs be because we’re worried that if we’re not perfect someone will question what we’re doing, who we are, what we’re saying?


In any case, if you want to have a successful online business, perfection is the enemy of progress. It’s also the enemy of success.

Even the big players with huge teams and the best and baddest software systems have challenges. And, as I talk about this week, it can make them more popular than they ever intended.

What one thing are you going to put aside this week and call good enough so you can move forward? One thing. Let me know below.

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