Success in Online Business Means Rewriting Your Story

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A good story is like a bowl of M&Ms.

We can’t stop listening. It grabs us, mesmerizes us and pulls us in. Books, movies, tv-shows all know how to hit just the right buttons to make us come back for more.

Your life is an epic story. It has ups and downs, set backs and triumphs, cliffhangers and page-turning drama.

If you want to have success in online business you have to ask yourself: Who is the author of your story?

Think about that for a minute. I’ll wait.

As entrepreneurs, it is a constant struggle against letting someone else write our story. Well-intentioned family members, co-workers, and friends give us feedback and, before we know it, we’re falling into the pages of someone else’s story: work a 9-5 job, put the kids in daycare, take two weeks of vacation a year, drive a mini-van and gas efficient car.

Entrepreneurs are different. We constantly recreate our story and decide what our new story will be.

We think about where we want to go, what it will take to get there and whether we want to take the risk and put in the time to get our happy ending. We make hard choices and give things up knowing that in order to get where we want to go, there are sacrifices to be made.

We are fighters, we are dreamers, we are authors of the only story that really matters in life – our own.

Sometimes the story of our life doesn’t have the ending we were hoping for, or the ending we saw for ourselves, but part of our story is what we do with the endings we’re given. Do we create a sequel or close the book and go home?

What is the story you are writing? Is it that you tried to find success in online business but gave up when it got hard? Is it that you traded learning new skills for the safety of a steady paycheck? Is it that you gave into challenges rather than dug into them?

Or, is it that you are smart enough to get this done? That you are able to triumph over challenges by refusing to give in? That no matter what other people think or say about you – you will find your happy ending on your own terms.

In the story of your life are you a victim of the systems and processes you don’t understand — or are you the hero that rose above adversity and confusion and got the job done?

Who is writing your story?

This week: a challenge. Instead of just reading and scrolling through, take action. Tell me in the comments below about your story? What are you telling yourself about your online business?

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