The Procrastinator’s Best Excuse: I Need a Better Website

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The first thing people do when deciding to set up a business online is to set up a website. It makes sense, right? Without a website, how will people find you? Because everyone knows the number one goal of a website is to increase your traffic…

Here’s the myth that too many people just don’t understand. Even with a beautiful website that is perfectly optimized for SEO, people still aren’t going to find you if you don’t have rock solid, “I have to know this!” content that your readers love. 

Let’s look at this logically: Content is what drives the internet. People crave information. And the best way for you to rise up the ranks of Google and the other search engine is for people to share your content. I’m sure you’ve had a friend send you a link to an article they thought you’d enjoy. But have you ever gotten a link from someone who says, “Hey, I thought you’d love the shade of blue on this site?”

The SEO Myth

Sure SEO has its role but it is expensive to focus on optimizing and going after ranking for specific terms. In truth the best, most cost-effective, way to build SEO and rise through Google’s ranks is to provide really terrific content that mentions a few key phrases relevant to your site. Paying huge amounts of money to SEO experts or web designers is ridiculous for a new online business owner. SEO works only when you have really great content and a beautiful site doesn’t matter until you have people who actually see it.

But if you ask most people where they are spending their time, money and energy it is on creating their site.

Instead, focus on things that will provide value to your customers. Honestly, does your customer care if your blue is #00B0F0 or #00AFEC? Not likely. What they want to know is how what you know can make their lives better. How can you make their pain go away?

Increase Your Traffic with Great Content

I know, creating content isn’t sexy and it isn’t always fun. I struggle with it myself. But there are so many different ways to give your readers fresh, fun, useful ideas beside simply blogging every week. I like to send my email subscribers a little story each week that links my blog post. This week, I actually read their minds! If you’re not on my email list, you really should be! Here’s a way to get on that list AND get a little free gift!

Sometimes, I record a quick video, like this one. I try to keep it fresh and to find things I think you will like reading. Some people only post video on YouTube and then host those videos on their site with a short, keyword-rich description. Others may record a podcast. Any of these things, when posted on your site, will drive traffic to the site. And consistent traffic is a sure fire way to get eyeballs on your site.

Building content seems like a lot of work. I get it. It’s fun to choose colors, fuss about how the sun is hitting your face in your favorite headshot and play around with WordPress themes. The truth of the matter is, none of these things are going to make you money. If you’re spending endless amounts of time perfecting them,  what you’re really doing is avoiding the hard work that makes online businesses successful. The truth of the matter is, even if you are first in the search terms on Google or win a website design contest, people won’t stick around to buy from you when they realize you don’t have anything to say.

Increasing Your Traffic Just Takes Time

Gaining traffic to your site isn’t going to happen overnight. It doesn’t matter if you have the best content in the world or if you pay someone thousands of dollars to optimize your site for search engines. Building a following takes time. So this year, instead of deciding this is the year you’ll get your site finished and beautiful, decide this is the year your website is going to become known as THE place to go for excellent content on your topic.

 What do you think? How do you increase traffic to your site? Comment below!

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