To Be Serious About Online Team Communication You Need Slack


So you’re merrily going about your day, working on a project and you realize you need to ask a quick question of one of your team members.

No team members yet? Well, stick with me and you’ll have some in no time!

But even if the only person helping you in your business is a person you live with or helps out out occasionally in exchange for a hot meal, you’re going to need to communicate with them every once in awhile.

If you know me, you know I like to talk. I like to talk A LOT! For that very reason, I can’t stand phone calls. Because I cannot stop chatting. Phone calls are a huge time suck for me.

Email is okay, but often takes awhile to get a response, especially if the person you need to reach out to is careful not to check it too often.

So, how will you communicate with your team? You’ll Slack them!

Check this out:

Build an Email List



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