Myth: Video Editing is a Good Use of Your Time

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Video editing. It can seem like a great way to save money when first starting an online business. Because no matter what you think when you decide to start working online, it isn’t free. The costs quickly start adding up and video editing seems, on the surface, to be a great way to bootstrap and save a few bucks.

Video editing, however, is a language and training all of its own. Is it easier than coding a website? Sure. But it also requires dedicated services, specific knowledge and a fair bit of practice before you’ll produce something you’re willing to share.

Sure video is hot right now. And there are lots of videos that do quite well without edits, or fancy software to make them look professional. And those are fine for your weekly content, to teach a quick technique or to spontaneously communicate with your audience.

If, however, the end goal of the video you’re attempting to produce is to sell something, you need it to be professional. And that is something best left to the professionals.

Here’s why….

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