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Myth: I Don’t Need an Email List to Have a Successful Online Launch

by Tracie in General, TIme to Launch
using email for a successful online launch

Likes, follows, hearts, and shares. There’s no doubt that building a big social media following feels rewarding., especially when you’re trying to have a successful online launch. You get immediate feedback that people see what you post and like it. There’s engagement and interaction.

Email, on the other hand can be frustrating. You spend a bunch of time crafting what you feel is the perfect thought provoking message, only to hear crickets when you send it out to your list.

The balance of social media and email

It’s understandable then that people prefer building up their social media following more than focusing on their email lists. Email feels like work. It’s the nerdy smart kid in a room full jokesters and jocks.
But that’s okay. Let’s expand on my bad middle school example for a second. The jocks and jokesters may have more fun, but they need the smart kids in their ecosystem or they’d never get anything done. Why do you think teachers invented group projects?

In the same way, as online business owners trying to do a successful online launch, we need a social media following to attract people to us, to let them know who we are and what we do. But we also need email to teach them what we want them to learn. To take them deeper, to give them an education.
You can’t just be all fun and games and cool photos all the time. When it comes to launching courses and memberships online, you still need a list and here’s why…

A great social media presence isn’t enough for a successful online launch

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