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How Long Have You Been Just About to Launch?

Part One

Online Business Can Be Confusing

Don't know where to start?

Get a Roadmap for Online Business
by Tracie in General
Launch Tech Blueprint Free Traiining

How long have you been telling people you’re getting ready to launch an online course? How long have you been a near-launcher?

If it’s been more than a few weeks, you’re doing something wrong.

Move Past Your Tech Challenges with this Free Training

Sure, I hear lots of reasons why people haven’t launched, as a Virtual Assistant who specialized in launches, I’ve heard just about every reason there is:

  • My website isn’t done
  • I need new head shots
  • I don’t like the way I look on video
  • I was going to do video but now I’m thinking webinar…
  • I need a different logo
  • I need to switch platforms
  • I heard about this new way of doing things…
  • I want my list to be bigger
  • I’m stuck because I’m overwhelmed and confused

These aren’t legit reasons. They’re procrastination techniques. A defense mechanism. Plain and simple, they are a way to convince yourself it’s okay to put this off, because deep down you’re afraid you’re not good enough.

As long as you don’t launch, you won’t fail. And failure is painful, so to avoid that, you avoid launching and comfortably settle in as a near-launcher.

You know what though?  Being good enough today beats being perfect “someday.” Every. Single. Time.

Enough already. It’s time to get launched. There is no reason that you cannot launch a product or service within a matter of weeks. If you’ve been working on this for months or more, then there really is no excuse.

I’m going to be really honest with you. You don’t need an amazing website. You know what? Most people won’t even SEE most of your site until they’ve already bought your course. If you think you’re going to bring a lot of traffic to your opt in form through your website, you need to be prepared to spend a whole lot of time and money on SEO. If you’re trying to launch, that is money better spent on advertising your free offer to get people on your list. 

You also don’t need a gorgeous headshot, a perfect logo or a web designer that is custom coding your site. While these are all nice things to have down the road, they are keeping you from your main goal: launching.

Platforms are another place near-launchers get hung up. There are a lot of them out there. Do a little research, choose one and move forward. You can always change later. One of the most common mistakes I see people making when it comes to setting up their brand new launches is in paying for things they simply don’t need. If you are just starting out, read my lips: You don’t need Infusionsoft. 


Not only do you not need it, you shouldn’t be using it. Infusionsoft is an amazing platform but it is bigger, more complicated and more expensive than most people need. Million dollar businesses have been built without Infusionsoft. It will suck your time and your money while you try to figure out how to set it up and make it work for you. Start small, start inexpensive. 

The other thing that I see way too much of is changing the way you plan to deliver your launch. Maybe you start out planning to do a quick video launch: a free training video and a sales video. But then someone posts in Facebook that they knocked out of the park using a sales webinar, so you decide that you should do a webinar instead.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. You need to choose the method that makes the most sense to you based on your audience.  You need to decide if you are comfortable with the skills that method takes (i.e.: don’t choose a video launch if you know you hate to be on video) and you need to quickly follow through on the steps it will take to launch using that method. 

Launching does take time and it takes money. You need to choose where you spend that time and money carefully when you start. If you spend it on a beautiful website that no one sees, you’ll likely run out of money long before you can launch. If you spend it on a platform you don’t understand, you’re going to be hiring someone just to send your emails.

There is only one truly valid reason for failing to launch and that is if you are confused and overwhelmed. And even that can be fixed in short order. 

I am offering a free training called Launch Tech Blueprint: The First Tech Steps to Setting Up Your Launch. You can sign up for it here. It is going to outline for you exactly what you need to do to start building your list. List building is the very first thing you need to do when getting ready to launch. Even before your website is designed, you should be building your list. This training will explain how. 

Look, if you’re still working on your list building, or if your list building isn’t on a solid foundation, this training is well worth the money. Because it’s FREE and it will help you get started with the most fundamental part of launching, building your list. 

Get the training here. Stop being a near-launcher.

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Online Business Can Be Confusing

Don't know where to start?

Get a Roadmap for Online Business