How Long Have You Been Waiting to Launch Your Online Course?

Dec 5, 2019 | General, TIme to Launch

How long have you been waiting to launch your online course or membership?

Maybe it’s weeks, maybe it’s months, or maybe it’s been years.

You’ve bought the classes, you’ve read the books, you’ve studied other people’s launches and yet, here you are.

Still trying to figure it all out.

If that’s you, I need to give you some straight talk. There is no “right” time to launch. Your launch will never be perfect. Things will go wrong. Things will get forgotten. Your hair won’t look the way you want it to, links will break, sites will crash. Now hopefully all these things won’t happen during the same launch, but they do happen.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen it happen.

Even the big names in online business have had challenges during launches that are almost comical after the fact…

The reality is, no launch is perfect, and yours will be no exception.

So, when will you launch? What are you waiting for?

If what’s holding you back is that pesky list of to-do items that just never seems to get smaller, then I have a membership that I think you’re really going to love.

Focused attention on the things you need to get done in order to get your launch on track and ready to go. Help when you need it, feedback from people who understand launching, live launch support and work sessions designed to get your launch done.

Are you ready to launch your online course or membership? I can’t wait to have you join me.

You can get more details here.



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