How to Search for a Domain Name

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Choosing a website (domain) name isn’t always easy. And there’s nothing worse than finding out, once you’ve found the perfect name, that someone else is already using it.

But did you know that sometimes a search for a domain names can actually trigger the companies who own the name that someone is doing a search. When this happens, the company puts a “lock” on the name so it can raise the price.

So, how do you research a name without trigger a lock on that name? You have to be a little sneaky.

A few years ago I did a challenge to help people choose, buy and set up their domains online and even set up a basic self-hosted site.  I don’t run the challenge any longer, but the content is still solid, so I’m including it here.

Choosing a Domain Name

Finding a domain name isn’t as simple as going to GoDaddy and searching for the names on your list to see if they are still available. The safer (sneaky) way to do this is by using a service that WON’T register or reserve your good ideas!  We recommend for this. Here’s how to search for domain name availability using

  Here’s the link you’ll need:

Register Your Domain And Set Up Hosting

Today’s the day you will register a domain and set up hosting for your new site.*

*If you use this link to purchase your hosting on Siteground, I will receive a small amount of compensation from Siteground. If you prefer, you can use this link instead. I recommend them for hosting either way! 🙂


Set Up Your Installation

Now it’s time to get your basic installation taken care of!

Note: there are a few video hiccups. No worries, keep watching, it’s all there.

Now you can search away for your domain name ideas AND host your site on WordPress. How awesome is that?



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