Plan your Launch from A to Z

Free PDF Planner for Launching Online

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Launch Planner

Launch Planning Made Easy


  • 27-page PDF with checklists, fill-in-the-blanks, and links to extra information on each step of your launch
  • Leads you through your entire launch, from planning and budget to pre-launch content, open & closed cart periods and even what happens after your launch is finished
  • Not a one-size-fits-all launch template: there’s plenty of room for customizing your launch plan

Creating your launch plan ahead of time


  • Saves you stress – being prepared does that for you
  • Saves you money: when you know when to take action and what to budget for, you don’t make the mistakes first-time-launches usually make
  • Saves you from indecision. You’ll be prepared to make more strategic choices, that will give you better results
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If you’re planning an online launch, this launch planner will help you navigate the pitfalls.

Create a detailed launch plan that will lead to a smooth and well-prepped launch!