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Launch Strategy & Support

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Launching could get easier… 

The hardest part of launching? Keeping an eye on all the moving pieces. 

Whether it’s your first launch and you’re trying to juggle it all – or you’ve launched several times before and want to scale your launch. 

Imagine how much easier your launch could be if you had someone by your side. 

Someone to help you plan your launch strategy, create a timeline, consult with you on content to create or elements to improve on… 

What you get working with me

Full Audit

I’ll go through everything you’ve got so far, and make notes on what’s perfect and good to go, what could be improved, and elements that need fixing before your next launch. I’ll put all of it in a spreadsheet that you can either keep as is, or you (or your virtual assistant or launch manager) can import the tasks into your project management software. 

Launch Strategy & Planning

During our strategy calls, we’ll work out a plan that works for you. What does your pre-launch content look like? What marketing assets do you need or not need? What emails do you need or want to send, and what should each of them be about? What does your sales funnel look like, and how can you tie all your tech together? 


Once we know exactly what we’re up against, I’ll help you create a timeline for your launch. This will tell you exactly when to create or set up which element, when to publish or unpublish your content, and make sure you know exactly what the next step is at all times. 

I’m Tracie, and I’ll set up the tech for your launch.

I help online entrepreneurs get past the tech – so they can launch their online course, membership, or digital product.

I know launch strategy and planning like the back of my hand; I’ve helped dozens of other entrepreneurs get their launch all figured out, and I’d love to help you do the same.  

launch tech made easy cog

Your Options…

Launch Rescue

Are you about to launch, and can you feel it’s just not working? 

Did your launch manager quit and leave you high and dry? 

I’ll come in, identify what efforts to make for biggest impact, and help you get to the finish line. 

No need to wait and schedule a discovery call: email me now to find out if I’m available!

Full Launch Strategy Support – Quick Version

Need someone to come in and set up all the pieces of your launch? 

I’m here for you! 

This option typically takes 7 weeks: 4 weeks to set everything up, 2 weeks to promote and sell your course or membership, then I’ll stay on for another week to debrief and help onboarding your new students or members. It’s ideally for smaller launches or a beta launch. During this time, we’ll have weekly calls (more if it’s needed during open cart period) and I’ll be available via chat support daily. 

But let’s hop on a call before you make the decision; that way I can assess exactly what we’ll need to get you launched! 

Full Launch – Relax Version

No launch date yet? Not in a hurry? Still building your audience? No need to postpone! 

Get in touch with me now so I can consult with you on what you’ll need to do when… and we can make a custom plan for putting all the pieces together ahead of time. 

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This is how it works

We’ll schedule a discovery call to make sure we’re on the same page, and get all questions answered. If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you a proposal with a payment link. 

We’ll need at least three calls to create a customised launch plan; one to get a good picture of what we’re starting with, one where I can discuss the options with you, and a Q&A call after you received your launch plan. 

Tracie is a walking encyclopedia of launch strategy, tools and tech – she makes it all so easy and straightforward

– Sandrine C.

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Do you manage launches?

Launch management means different things to different people. While I love strategizing and helping you to get your launch on track, I do not handle all of the launch tasks for you. Instead, I help you to come up with a plan that can be implemented by you and your team.

How do I know what type of launch I should do?

There are so many different types of launches out there, it’s impossible for me to tell you which one is best for you and your audience, but I’d be happy to hop on a quick discovery call with you to talk it through.

Just want to create your own launch plan?

Get the Checklist

My launch checklist shows you exactly what elements any launch needs – and where each of them fits in the bigger picture. As a bonus, you’ll also get a series of emails designed to show you exactly how to implement it. 

Schedule a Support Call

Stuck on the tech? Broke an automation? Can’t figure out your integrations?

Schedule a video call where we’ll share screens and work through the hurdles together.