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It’s not worth your time to learn all the launch tech.

Not everyone’s a tech genius, and that’s ok.

Besides – even if you’re great with tech, learning new tools and software is not necessarily the best investment for you as a business owner.

Is spending hours to learn new software, then spending weeks trying to make it work for you, really worth your valuable time?
If you were able to outsource your launch support – what else could you do instead?

What you get working with me

Launch Support & Tech Setup

I’ll set up your email list, freebie delivery, landing pages, email automations, payment processors, and integrate it all with your WordPress website. All ready to go!

All the details you’ll need

I’ll put all the details in a document for you. Where to find what, how the automations are set up, I’ll even add in a video walkthrough of your account.

Instructions for making changes

Once the tech is set up right, it’s fairly easy for you (or for your virtual assistant) to take over. You’ll get access to tutorials showing you exactly how to make changes.

I’m Tracie, and I’ll set up the launch tech for you.

I help online entrepreneurs get past the tech – so they can launch their online course, membership, or digital product.

I’ve got over ten years experience working with email service providers, landing page software, payment processors, automations and integrations – and I’m happy to set it all up for your business, so you can focus on what you’re good at.

launch support

This is how launch support works

1.  We Have a Discovery Call

We’ll schedule a discovery call to make sure we’re on the same page, and get all questions answered. If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you a payment link. I’ll request some extra information, as well as access to your accounts. 

2. I Get to Work

It usually takes me up to five working days to set everything up – from the moment you provide me with the information, to the moment I wrap up and send you the instructions on how to take over.

3. You take it from there

After you’ve had a chance to check out the walkthrough and tutorials, I’m happy to hop on an extra call to answer any questions, and make sure you’re good to go. Or if you need long-term support, we can talk about that too!

launch tech made easy cog

Tracie is a walking encyclopedia of launch strategy, tools and tech – she makes it all so easy and straightforward

– Sandrine C.

launch tech made easy cog


Do I need an email address from my domain?

If you are setting up a business online, you will need a business email address. This can be set up by the hosting service for your website or using GSuite. Note that setting up your business email address is a separate process from signing up for an email service provider like ActiveCampaign. 

Do I need to have a website?

No. Leadpages can be used to host your freebie. When you are first starting out in online business you should focus on building your list. Your website can come later. No one will need to check out your website before opting in to receive your free offer. 

Do I need other software/services?

To build a lead funnel and start collecting email addresses, you will need at least basic accounts for both ActiveCampaign and Leadpages account.

Just want to set it up yourself?

Get the Roadmap

My free tech roadmap shows you exactly what steps to take so people can easily subscribe to your email list – and turn into your raving fans. As a bonus, you’ll also get a series of emails designed to show you exactly how to implement it.

Schedule a Support Call

Stuck on the tech? Broke an automation? Can’t figure out your integrations?

Schedule a video call where we’ll share screens and work through the hurdles together.