Case Study: Leadership Development Coach Launching a Specialized Course for Women

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Dawn came to me as a leadership development coach, launching a program for women looking to communicate more clearly, develop their leadership skills, and make an impact in the world of business. Although she’d launched before, she knew she was ready to uplevel, so she reached out to me for support doing just that.

Dawn had received positive feedback from her previous launch, so she knew that her program was something that many women would want and need.

Looking at all of the pieces, I put together a launch plan and identified the holes that needed to be fixed for this launch to be successful.

  • Dawn was a one woman army, but she needed a team to help launch her vision. I recommended people to fill positions on her team to give her that support.
  • I set up a full launch timeline with tasks that would keep Dawn and her team on track, on time, and without missing a step, allowing them to confidently move forward during each step of the process.
  • As a successful business owner, Dawn had a great email list started, but not everyone in the list was the right fit for her new program or in alignment with her goals. The list was also cold and not ready to be sold to. I set up automations, cleaned up her email list with different tags for the different audiences, and helped write email copy. As a result, there were zero unsubscribes from the email launch and her list was warmed up before the launch! 

With all of the tech in place, the launch went off without a hitch! Webinar participants stayed until the end of the presentation, and all of the sequences and landing pages are now set up for the next launch.

If you’re like Dawn and need someone by your side to get all the pieces of your online launch together, reach out today. We’ll start with a discovery call (free of charge) to discuss what you need.

I recommend getting in touch at least 13 weeks before your planned launch date so we can discuss your needs and I can block the time in my calendar; if you don’t have that kind of time though, let’s talk anyway and see what we can do with a shorter timeline!

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