Case Study: Executive Coach Launching a Summit

Launching Online

Josée is an executive coach who was planning to launch a summit.

The summit date was rapidly approaching and the launch components had not been identified nor completed. Emails weren’t written, there were no landing pages (nor was there copy for the landing pages yet).

Josée knew what she wanted the summit launch to look like, but not how to implement the things she envisioned.

When she realized she needed some outside help to set up and promote her summit, she reached out to me for support.

Step 1: Identifying What’s Missing

She already had quite a lot in place: as a “Product Launch Formula” alumni (Jeff Walker’s comprehensive course teaches people how to launch online successfully) and a member of Jeff Walker’s Launch Club coaching group, she knew what the right steps were supposed to be…

Dates had been set, speakers arranged, and she had a full-time virtual assistant standing by, ready and waiting to do the things. However, Josée was having a hard time giving her VA clear assignments.

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Step 2: The Launch Plan

After our initial on-boarding meeting, we put together a Trello board. The board had launch tasks that needed to be accomplished along with due dates; each task was assigned to a team member.

We identified actions where we needed to bring on other team members to ensure all of the tasks got completed and I helped her to find people that were a good fit.

Step 3: Implementation and Teamwork

For instance, Josée got to spend a “VIP day” with my friend Megan, who’s a Facebook ads expert. After mapping out an ads strategy for her summit, Megan set up the initial ads – and showed Josée exactly how to manage her ads from that point onwards.

Josée’s virtual assistant was quick to take action as well, and got so much done in just a few weeks… Now that she had tasks assigned to her, it was easy for her to check them off.

In the meantime, I helped her write emails to her list, showed her new ways to use current systems, and helped her move to new platforms that would serve her purposes better in the future. For instance, we moved her list from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign, as MailChimp wouldn’t be able to handle the more complex automations that go with running an online summit. 

That gave Josée time to focus on her one on one client practice, spend more time with her daughter, and even take a weekend away while her team was completing tasks and making sure things got done in the background.

And the best thing?

Now that the landing pages are up, the emails have been written, the process is clear (and she’s been through it once), it’s way easier for Josée to do this again in a couple of months. She can re-use the landing pages, tweak the emails, and breeze through her launch next time.

If you’re like Josée and need someone by your side to get all the pieces of your online launch together, reach out today. We’ll start with a discovery call (free of charge) to discuss what you need.

I recommend getting in touch at least 13 weeks before your planned launch date so we can discuss your needs and I can block the time in my calendar; if you don’t have that kind of time though, let’s talk anyway and see what we can do with a shorter timeline!

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Want to hear how it worked for Josée? Watch the video below!

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