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The Keys to Creating a Valuable Lead Magnet

Free Offer, Freebie, Freemium... what's yours called?

by Tracie in General, List
Upload a freebie to your site

No one is going to sign up for your newsletter.

If you have a little box on the front page of your website that says, “Sign up to get my free newsletter” and it’s not really doing much for you, you’re about to learn why.

Newsletters used to be exciting. People loved getting an email that gave them a bunch of content they could read right in their inbox. That was before the days of inbox overwhelm. Today people are more likely to skip right past anything they think will take more than a few seconds to consume and move on to more important items in their inboxes. 

The last thing they want is to sign up for something they think will continue to add to their inbox overwhelm. A newsletter with its graphics and stories seems like a bit much.

But don’t despair, all is not lost. Instead of offering a weekly newsletter, you’re going to offer them something that is short, practical and exactly what they need right this minute. And when they subscribe to get it, they’ll be letting you know that they want to receive more information from you in the future. Just not in the form of a newsletter. 

I’ll explain the details in the video below.


Video Transcript

Good freebies are:

  • Fast to create for you
  • A way to test your ideas
  • A quick win for your new subscriber
  • Tremendously valuable
  • In alignment with your future offers

Want to get the freebie I talked about in the video? Click here!

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