Building an Email List in the Australian Outback: Meet Judy Nichols

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Judy is an online business owner who transitioned her 9-5 skills to become a writer and online business builder after moving from the city to the Australian outback.

For fast cash-flow on the family ranch, Judy taught herself how to become a freelancer and online business builder. She uses her skills to raise funds for not-for-profit organisations, small businesses and start-ups. Judy has raised over $57 million for projects delivering a social purpose and she loves her new online work and life balance.

She wanted to tell the world about her new way to work and wrote: “Fast Track Online” which became an Amazon Best Seller. Judy reached out to me because she was time-poor and needed the technical support to promote her book, courses and coaching program.

Before we talked, she knew that an email list would be the best way to get her skills and resources out into the world to help people, especially those who had lost their jobs and livelihood during COVID. She knows this experience first-hand because her nearest city is Melbourne whose community experienced the longest COVID lockdown in the world creating social and economic problems for many.

I knew from the beginning that Judy needed ActiveCampaign and LeadPages integration to get her from stuck to launch. She needed a funnel set up so she could start building an email list, but wasn’t sure where to start. This had her stuck in a loop of signing up for email service providers and then cancelling, while not getting anywhere on her launch! Judy said, “I was relieved to find Tracie because her video course and coaching was critical to my technical know-how. Her step-by-step guidance was invaluable”

While Judy’s work was thriving during the lockdown, she knew she needed technical help creating a professional landing page on her website and an email service provider. She wasn’t sure how to make all of the moving parts work together as a cohesive unit to deliver the results she wanted.

Instead of having several different services for her email, landing pages, website hosting, freebies, etc. I set up her ActiveCampaign email service provider, designed a landing page for her course on LeadPages, and integrated the two to seamlessly market her freebie.

Thanks to technical support Judy finally got the answers to her questions so that she could understand every aspect of her launch, build her email list and then go on to market.

If you’d like me to set up your email funnel using ActiveCampaign & Leadpages so you can begin building an email list, you can get more info right here. 

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