Making it Online: Why You Need Lead Magnets and to Build an Email List

List Building

The Growth Boss Podcast hosted by Deirdre Tshien and Bona Rai is all about making it in the online business world, without spending tons of money on advertising. I recently joined them to discuss all things lead magnets and building your email list. Click the button below to listen to the full episode, or keep reading to get all the details!

How did I get started in helping people build an email list so they can launch a course or membership online?

During my VA days, I would go to a ton of networking events and meet all kinds of people who were interested in starting their own online businesses but kept running into something that was holding them back.

For many people, that “thing” was tech-based. Over and over again I kept hearing questions like:

  • What’s a landing page?
  • How do I build an email list?
  • Why do I even need an email list?

After so many times of hearing these questions, I realized that there was a need for someone to come in and help business owners get over those stumbling blocks to make their dreams come true, and thankfully, I was someone who could do just that for them.

So, why do we need to build an email list? Why isn’t a huge social media following enough?

An email list is the place where you can personally connect with your clients in a reliable and personable way.

Social media is an incredible tool for connecting with people, but if something changes or a platform goes away (remember Periscope or MySpace?), then you lose those followers and connections and have no way to get in touch with them.

Build an Email List



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