How to Use a Freebie to Build Your List

List Building

There are lots of reasons to use a freebie in your online business.

Primarily, people use them to help build their lists. You’ve surely seen websites with boxes offering free checklists, pdfs, or videos that require an email address to receive. Those are freebies.

Freebies are also great for posting on social media to move your fans and followers onto an email list. This allows you to connect with them on a deeper level with your weekly content because, again, they opt in with their email address to receive the freebie you talk about on your favorite social media platform.

Freebies introduce new people to you and your ideas so they can determine if what you’re offering is something they are interested in learning about at a deeper level.

But have you ever considered how your freebie can help you test your offer, your colors, your images, and even your design?

This week’s video takes using freebies to another level as I discuss the ways you can use freebies to test.

Once you’ve got the freebie created, you’ll need it to delivered. Next week I’ll show you how to host the freebie on a WordPress site and make sure your subscribers have access to it!

Would you like more ideas on how to use a freebie?

Here you go!

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