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Myth: My Launch Didn’t Work Because My Audience is Different

by Tracie in General, TIme to Launch
my audience is different

I am an online launch strategist and coach. This means I work with people who have courses or memberships that they want to launch online. Sometimes it’s people whose launch didn’t work.

These are online entrepreneur who have taken a course themselves on launching they understand what it involves.. Maybe they even have the basic steps to doing a launch, but they’re stuck and need help to move forward.

Sometimes, they’ve launched already, but were disappointed in the results, so they hire me to look at their process, identify the gaps and recommend changes.

As I do this, it’s pretty common for them to tell me that what I’m recommending won’t work for their audience.

Usually it sounds like this:

“The course I took about launching told me I should email three times on the last day, but my audience doesn’t like all that email…”

“I don’t use a freebie to bring people on to my email list because my audience doesn’t respond to freebies…”

“Facebook ads? They don’t work for me. My audience is doesn’t respond to social media.”

Without a doubt, there are some rare audiences who are different and have quirky things that need ┬áto be taken into account. But most of the time, that’s simply not the case and here’s why…

What about you? Are you looking for help with your launch? If you are, I’d love to chat. You can set up an appointment here.

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  1. Judy Ringer says:

    This makes so much sense, Tracie. Thank you for doing all the research so we don’t have to! And for being a trustworthy partner in the work I do.

    1. Tracie says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad to help and even more to work with you on a daily basis!

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