How to Sell an Online Course Without Creating it First

Apr 16, 2020 | General, TIme to Launch

If you want to make sure you’re able to sell an online course, there’s a trick to it. Save yourself a whole lot of time, heartache and expense: Sell the course first. Create it second.

The reality is, creating a course is a lot of work. Not only is there content to figure out, but there can be a lot of moving pieces as well. And if you do all that hard work, you definitely want a course that is going to sell, right?

Wondering how on earth you can sell an online course that doesn’t exist?

Sound a little sketchy? Take a listen to this week’s video and I’ll explain exactly what I mean and how it all works. Trust me, it’s not only legit, it’s also the best way to create something that your clients will rave about.

Let your customers help you with creation

The bottom line is, as much as you think you know exactly what your customers want, you may not be right. The best way to know how to answer their greatest pain points is to ask them as they’re going through the course which questions they are getting answered, and which questions they still have. If your course is already created, it can be a lot harder to add in content as you go. AND, you’re likely to fall so in love with what you’ve created that  you’ll feel like you know better than your customers. And that’s always a dangerous place to find yourself.

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