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The list.

It’s how online businesses live and die – the size and engagement of their email list. After all, if you don’t have a way to communicate with people about your products, it’s pretty hard to get them to buy from you.

There are a lot of services that help online entrepreneurs create and manage their lists. ActiveCampaign is one of them and it’s the one I use myself. But, like any new software or program, figuring out how to use ActiveCampaign has a learning curve. So let’s talk about ActiveCampaign training.

ActiveCampaign Training: Getting Started Menu

In 2020, ActiveCampaign training made huge advances forward when it introduced a new “Getting Started” walk thru for new ActiveCampaign users.

When you first log in as a new user, you are taken to this screen which walks you through the first steps to getting your account set up online.

Active Campaign Training

As you can see, the first step is grayed out. That’s because ActiveCampaign now automatically sets up your first list for you, and calls it Main List.

New users who follow the steps will have their new account set up quickly and easily, although some of the steps, like pipelines, may be something that won’t be needed for beginning users.

Once the steps have been completed, you have the ability to hide the menu and see the regular ActiveCampaign dashboard.

Other ActiveCampaign Training

If you have a rebellious spirit and don’t like going down a specific path to set up your account, ActiveCampaign has other ways to make sure you get the training you need. Simple hide the Getting Started menu and work from the regular ActiveCampaign dashboard

Active Campaign Training Dashboard

If you move through the left hand menu bar, you can work on each part of your account in the order you choose. As you click on each menu bar item, you can then see sub-menu items and the screens have helpful purple banners offering you additional help.

People familiar with other email service providers may notice that there is no “forms” menu item in the left side menu bar. For reasons that probably make perfect sense to the developers at ActiveCampaign, the area for creating forms is hidden in the Sites area of the menu bar. This is also where the landing page creation menus reside.

ActiveCampaign Training Sites

ActiveCampaign Tutorials

In addition to the Getting Started walk-thru area and purple help banners, ActiveCampaign tutorials have also come a long way. Search for nearly any topic, and ActiveCampaign will give you a step by step walk thru article.

If you need help, simply click on the question mark in the lower left corner and type in a keyword. You’ll be provided with training and tutorials for a variety of topics matching your search term. Each article provides screenshots to show you exactly what you need to do.

Active Campaign Tutorials

The search feature is surprisingly good, but if you still need help, ActiveCampaign also offers Live chat, which can be a lifesaver when you’re in the middle of putting together a campaign and something isn’t working the way it should.

ActiveCampaign Training & Tutorials Make it an Easy Choice for New Users

While learning a software is never easy, ActiveCampaign has really taken it to the next level with their recent additions to the platform. Whether you’re brand new and need the hand holding the Getting Started menu can provide, or are an experienced emailer moving over from a different service, its varying levels of training and walkthrus cover all skill levels. It makes it as easy and intuitive as possible to get your first form and list set up so you can start growing your customer base and send out emails.

If you find that you just don’t understand how ActiveCampaign works even after trying some of the training it provides, and you’d like someone else to set it up for you, no worries. I love helping people get their account set up, let’s chat.

Setting up your email service is definitely one of the first steps in creating an online business, but it shouldn’t take you long and it shouldn’t be hard. Choosing an email service with the right level of help and support is key and ActiveCampaign is one of the best.

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