Take Action on Your Launch! 

If you know what you need to do to launch, but just can't get it done, this one-day workshop is exactly what you need. 

Two Dates to Choose From:

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January 22, 2020

Blow through your launch tasks - and the things that have you stuck. 

You've taken the courses, you've read the books. You know the steps to getting your course or membership launched online, but getting them done? Well that's another thing. In this one day workshop I'll help you blow through those tasks. Part accountability, part tutorial, all productivity. 

January 22

Things you can accomplish in one short day...

Easy integrations

Never again be worried about the word "integration!" I'll help you integrate the services you are using, and make sure you know how to do it yourself moving foward.

Launch Timeline

As a workshop participant, you'll get access to my interactive launch timeline, which will help you lay out the timing of your launch and identify the steps you'll need to complete to launch successfully.

Email services

You probably know a nurture sequence for your new subscribers is important, but maybe you're unsure how to set it up. If you have the copy written, we'll have it set up for you by the end of the workshop.

Shopping Carts

Maybe you have one you love, maybe you need to hear about the options, but you definitely need to be ready to sell. Get help setting up your checkout page and payment processor.

Landing pages

Wondering how to make sure your landing page is delivering your freebie and adding people to your list? You'll have your first template set up an integrated by the end of the day.

Facebook Pixel

Whether you plan to use Facebook or not, their pixel tool is invaluable for tracking your subscriber's actions. Learn how to set one up and where to place it to make sure you track data properly.

Live Coaching & Support  

I am there with you and your workshop co-participants every step of the way. The entire six hours. You'll work and I'll be there to answer your questions, share my screen and make sure you keep moving forward.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the workshop work?

Each workshop begins on Zoom with a group call where we introduce ourselves and tell each other what we want to accomplish in the next 90 minutes. When the 90 minutes is up, everyone rejoins the Zoom call and we update the group on our progress. We repeat this process four times throughout the day.

What kind of results can I expect?

The results you get depend largely on how much you already have completed and how much work you put in. If you show up with copy written for your marketing pieces and graphics created, you'll get much further than if you're trying to organize those pieces while on the call.

How does this help me get unstuck?

During each 90 minute work session I stay on the Zoom call to answer questions, share my screen, or look at your shared screen to make sure you move past your sticking points and on to the other parts of your launch. I can help with integrations, talk strategy or talk you through something that has you confused.

Why the group format?

Group formats work well for this type of workshop because you can get feedback from the other workshop participants. Run ideas past them, ask for their opinions and feedback. You'll also get to know five other people's businesses in depth, which help develop networking opportunities and relationships. 

Want to talk it over before signing up?

Set up a 20 minute inquiry call to find out if you are a good fit for the workshop format.

SIGN UP NOW! LIMITED TO SIX PARTICIPANTS. Because we work better together, the workshop will be canceled and all money refunded for less than 3 partipants.  


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January 22