How to Resize a Facebook Cover Image

Tech Tip

Have you ever avoided a task because you just didn’t know how to do it so you figured it must be hard?

Maybe you tried a few things, they didn’t work, so you just decided to live with the problem.

I had that happen with an oven light once. I had no idea how to change the bulb so until I got married I just decided I’d have a dark oven. Now I know how easy it is to change!

While doing maintenance on my Facebook page recently, I was looking at the profiles of some of the people who like my page, and I realized that there are a whole lot of people who either don’t know how to resize their Facebook cover image, or don’t care.

Now I ask you, if you like a photo enough to make the cover image of your Facebook page, why wouldn’t you want it to look its best? Why would you cut of the heads of people important to your life? 

I can’t even tell you how many images I saw that only showed someone from the nose down!

And then I realized, people probably don’t realize how easy it is to resize those photos. So here’s my public service announcement and crusade to end cut off heads everywhere…. a short tutorial on how to resize your FB cover images!

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